Demi Lovato Promises New Music Is ‘Coming Soon’ As The BBC Lashes Out Against Her Performance

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Ahead of the news that she’s got new music coming “very soon,” Demi Lovato has found herself in the crosshairs of the critics yet again.

According to the Daily Mail, the BBC has complained about Demi Lovato‘s performance at this past weekend’s Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend. It all started when she performed a “same-sex dance routine” that simulated a sex act during the performance of her 2015 hit, “Cool For The Summer,” which is, of course, about a same-sex love affair.

The BBC aired a warning to its viewers that apologized, in advance, for any “offending content.”

Fans immediately started taking to social media to complain about the warning, suggesting that the BBC was “homophobic” for suggesting that two women “getting it on” — or, at least, dancing like they were — was offensive.

The BBC, however, claimed that it was referring to the potential swearing she would do onstage, as the unedited version of “Cool For The Summer” features the F-word.

The BBC even took the additional step to defend its apology, making clear in a public statement that they were referring to the swear words that Demi Lovato used during her performance, and reminding their audience that all artists were “reminded” not to use swear words while onstage during a live stream, because their performance was being broadcast live through the BBC television stations nationwide.

In better Demi Lovato news, however, she’s informed her fans via Billboard Magazine that new music from her is coming “very soon.”

The singer and sometime actress took to her Twitter page to have a brief Q&A with fans, in which she confirmed that she’s done with releasing singles off her hit album, Tell Me You Love Me. She said that her fans can expect a new single from her “in a few weeks, actually,” though she didn’t make clear if these would be solo releases, or if they would involve collaborations with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Luis Fonsi.

It’s also unclear if these singles would be released as part of a new album promotion, or if they would be released on their own as standalone singles.

Interestingly, too, a fan also asked her if she missed being a part of the Disney collective. She answered with one word: “nope.”

Demi Lovato got her start, interestingly enough, as a cast member on the hit children’s show, Barney and Friends, featuring the infamous purple dinosaur.