‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Calls Police On Her Mom After Jace Allegedly Accuses Her Of Hitting Him


Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, continue to be at odds as the Teen Mom 2 star attempts to regain custody of her 8-year-old son Jace.

As fans of the reality star well know, Evans gave custody of the child to her mother shortly after he was born because she couldn’t care for him and has been trying to get him back for the past several years. Unfortunately, the two women are far from settling their custody dispute, which was evident during last night’s new episode of Teen Mom 2.

According to a May 29 report by OK! Magazine, Evans received a call from her son about an incident that reportedly happened between himself and his grandmother and in turn, Evans called 911.

“My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him. He is huffing and puffing and can’t breathe,” she said to the operator.

One day later, Evans sat down with one of her Teen Mom 2 producers and revealed more details, claiming her son told her that he wants to move out of Barbara’s home and into the home she shares with her husband, David Eason, and her two younger children, 3-year-old Kaiser, and 1-year-old Ensley. Evans also said that after telling Jace he should speak to police and give an honest account of what happened with Barbara, the boy said, “Well she didn’t hit me.”

Barbara also said that she didn’t hit Jace and Jace went on to tell police that he was not abused by his grandmother.

Also during the Teen Mom 2 episode, Jenelle Evans was seen speaking to husband David Eason about a recent visit she and Jace had with their therapist.

“It went good. She just thinks you know me and Jace need to connect more, just have a closer relationship,” Evans explained.

According to Evans, she has tried her hardest to maintain a deep connection and a healthy relationship with her son, but her mother keeps getting in the way of their relationship. She then told Eason that they should set boundaries for the things they say in front of Jace and not mention Barbara when he is present.

During the therapy session, Evans was reportedly also advised against speaking of moving Jace into her home in front of him.

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