‘Ballpark Gum’ Offers Up Peanut, Beer, And Hot Dog Flavors

Beer Hot Dog Peanut Gum

If you want to experience the flavors of the baseball stadium without actually having to attend a game, then Ballpark Gum has you covered.

The curious collection of gumballs offers adventurous chewers three distinct flavors: peanuts, beer, and hot dogs. Although these treats can be enjoyed individually, those looking for an overwhelming experience are encouraged to chew all three at the same time.

The official description at Accoutrements reads:

“Next time you take yourself out to the ball game, bring along a tin of this Ballpark Gum. Each tin contains about twenty-two delicious gumballs that taste just like the three pillars of ballpark dining — peanuts, hot dogs and beer! They’re perfect to chew on while you’re busy root, root, rooting for the home team, because if they don’t win it’s a shame, but either way, you’ve got one, two, three flavors of gum at the old ball game.”

The testimonials at Perpetual Kid suggest that the makers of Ballpark Gum have delivered genuine reproductions of the associated flavors. In other words, you’re going to get precisely what you paid to experience.

One happy customer wrote:

“The hot dog gum tastes just like a hot dog. My brother loved it at first then said it tasted like drinking the water after boiling hot dogs. He couldn’t wait to try it out on other people.”

KFVS reports that each ball in the Ballpark Gum tin is individually coded to avoid confusion. After all, getting a piece of beer gum when you’re looking the hot dog could be a shock to the system.

However, Ballpark Gum isn’t the only bizarre flavor that’s currently being sold to those who enjoy something a bit left-of-center with their candy. In addition to TV dinner and Thanksgiving-flavored gumballs, chewers can sink their teeth into bacon and wasabi-flavored treats.

Would you try Ballpark Gum?