NBA: Stephen Curry Tired Of Hearing People Say LeBron James Has No Help

Jason MillerGetty Images

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors will be facing LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals for the fourth consecutive year. Days ago, both teams were on the brink of elimination after being down 3-2 in their best-of-seven series against the Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets, respectively. However, the Warriors and the Cavaliers managed to win the next two games to represent their respective conferences in the final stage of the season.

Most people believe the Cavaliers took a tougher road than the Warriors, as LeBron James single-handledly carried his team in the entire Eastern Conference Playoffs. Stephen Curry praised James for his outstanding performance in the postseason, but said that hearing people continuously say that LeBron has no help is a complete disrespect to the other players who contributed to the Cavaliers’ recent success.

“I hate when people say that. Like it’s — they’re NBA players, and yeah they’re new and what-not and ‘Bron is amazing, (and) he played an unbelievable playoff run to date and has willed his team to his eighth straight Finals and all that, which is unbelievable to think about the consistency and the longevity and just the level of greatness that he’s shown in the Eastern Conference,” Curry said to USA Today Sports. “It was an amazing performance, but don’t disrespect the other guys out there. They fought hard too.”


Stephen Curry actually has a point. The Cavaliers couldn’t win Game 7 against the Celtics without the contribution of Jeff Green (19 points), J.R. Smith (12 points), and Tristan Thompson (10 points) on the offensive ends of the floor. However, Jason Owens of Yahoo Sports believes it’s easy for Curry to say such things since he has teammates like Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

The Warriors still have the ability to win games with or without Curry on the court. If the two-time MVP has an off night, the other Warriors can immediately step up to lead the team. The case is very much different for LeBron James and the Cavaliers. No one can deny the fact that Cleveland won’t be going anywhere without James, especially after Kyrie Irving demanded a trade to the Boston Celtics last summer.

Aside from James, Kevin Love is the only All-Star on the Cavaliers roster. To make things worse, the 29-year-old power forward has been very inconsistent as Cleveland’s second scoring option, and he missed the last two games against the Celtics due to injury. If James fails to get the much-needed help from his teammates, it will not be a surprise if the Warriors beat the Cavs again in the NBA Finals, and Curry should ready himself to hear people say again that LeBron has no help.