Jada Pinkett Smith And Gabrielle Union End Years-Long Feud On Facebook Show ‘Red Table Talk’

Charley GallayGetty Images

After 17 years, Jada Pinkett Smith, 46, and Gabrielle Union, 45, buried the hatchet on the popular Facebook show, Red Table Talk.

After such a long time, neither Jada nor Gabrielle knew what led to their years-long feud, according to a Too Fab report. In the episode, which Facebook made available on Memorial Day, they sat down and discussed the tangled situation, which Jada described as “petty.”

Before her 20 minute talk with Gabrielle, Jada told her mom, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, that while she and Gabrielle were never really girlfriends, somehow things deteriorated to the point that they hadn’t even really spoken in 17 years. Ultimately, the entire episode focused on healing relationships between women and getting to the heart of why women sometimes tear each other down.

To start with, Jada broke the ice and explained how they remained cordial to each other, but that each time they saw each other, they experienced an incredible amount of tension. Both women admitted that they could’ve tried harder to talk to each other and heal the relationship, according to a People report.

Their awkward moments included the “stiffest picture” at the NAACP Awards and another time when they were both at the White House at the same time.

“I think it was last year or two years ago, my and my friend were leaving the White House — this is some some boujee Black people thing, so I was leaving the White House — and you were walking in, and there was this moment of do I hug her?” Gabrielle remembered.

After Jada complimented Gabrielle on a speech at the 2013 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, Gabrielle admitted that after her divorce from former NFL player Chris Howard, fitness trainer/life coach AJ Johnson helped her realize that she trolled other women instead of supporting them and building them up.


Ultimately, Union realized that all the stuff she’d put out into the world came back to her, and she had hit rock bottom. At that point, she worked on changing and becoming a more positive force in the world.

Both women noted that when they became better versions of themselves, they lost some of their friends who were used to how they’d been before. However, neither woman regretted making positive changes.

In the end, Jada gave her new girlfriend a key necklace as a gift.

“I hope from here on out that we have a bond and you know, you can call on me for anything and thank you for just being open to this. Let this key be a reminder that you are the key to your power,” she said.

The episode was about girlfriends, and these two actresses set an example for other women by repairing their relationship and worked toward becoming friends.