It’s A Wrap! ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Has Left Kody Brown And ‘The Family’ For A New Man


Looks like there will be one less “wife” in the Sister Wives crew.

According to In Touch Weekly, Meri Brown has left Kody Brown and the rest of the wives, and has gotten herself a new man.

A source close to Meri Brown said that the 47-year-old has had more than her fair share of the Sister Wives drama, and this past year — with all of the ups and downs, and the non-stop drama — has finally made her reach the proverbial breaking point.

Meri, who was already estranged from Kody, figured that it was better to go meet a new man and leave all the drama of Las Vegas behind, and that’s exactly what she did.

The source also tells In Touch Weekly that Meri has moved to Utah to be with her new man, and she’s much happier now than she ever was with Kody.

Previously, the Brown family had fled Utah because they wanted to escape the state’s strict anti-polygamy laws, but since Meri considers herself estranged from Kody, she was more than happy to return to Utah without fear.

What’s more, according to the source, Meri said that she wanted to maintain a friendship with Kody for the sake of Sister Wives, since the show is still going strong on TLC.

However, she’s not sure if she can maintain the facade.

The source went on to say that, in future episodes of the show, you won’t see the former couple “faking it for the cameras.”


Meri, for her part, is staying at her great-grandparents’ home, which is now a bed-and-breakfast. Meri recently purchased the home back from the previous owners and converted it into a bed-and-breakfast, which was the start of the first rumors about her impending split from Kody. The source claims that Meri “loves it” in the home she grew up in as a child.

The source went on to say that, prior to Sister Wives becoming a thing, Meri “went through hell” at Kody’s hands. The couple, who only have one child together, first got married in 1990, but only three years later, they brought on the second wife, Janelle. Janelle was joined by Christine the following year.

Meri and Kody filed for divorce in 2014, so that he could legally marry Robyn; the courts officially only recognize Robyn as Kody’s legal wife, and Meri as his ex-wife, with “spiritual unions” existing with the other two Sister Wives.