LeBron James More Likely To Stay In Cleveland After Game 7 Win Against Boston, Per ‘HL’

LeBron James played one of the most important playoff games of his career on Sunday night. The NBA superstar and his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, won a hard-fought game against the young Boston Celtics to advance to the 2018 NBA Finals. Now, sources are claiming that the game may be a driving factor behind LeBron’s free agency decision this summer.

According to a May 28 report by Hollywood Life, LeBron James played his heart out on the court in Boston on Sunday. The Cleveland Cavaliers faced elimination during the Game 7 performance and were sadly without their all-star forward, Kevin Love, who was forced to sit out of the game with a concussion. The big win now marks the eighth straight year that The King has made it to the NBA Finals, and the moment was not lost on him.

Sources are now telling the outlet that LeBron James’ eight straight finals appearances have become the biggest achievement of his career and that because of the amount of stress, drama, and uncertainty the Cavs had to go through this year, the Eastern Conference title means much more than it has in the past.

“LeBron has now made the NBA Finals eight years in a row and this year has been the most astounding achievement of his playoff career because he has had to go through a lot with this team. So much so, as he has thought about his career past this season, it meant a lot to get into the finals let alone win it, which he will have a chance to do soon.”


James reportedly feels something special in the air in Cleveland and with the Cavs, and although there have been plenty of rumors about where LeBron will end up when the season is over, insiders are claiming that it is much “more likely” that he will stay with the Cavaliers now that they’ve made it to the NBA Finals for the fourth year in a row.

“But to make it this far has shown him that there is something special in Cleveland, and he is more likely to stay with the team after this season is over whether they win the championship or not.”

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers will open the 2018 NBA Finals on Thursday night in either Golden State or Houston. The place will depend on who wins the Western Conference Finals on Monday night, as the Houston Rockets will look to defeat the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors, in Game 7 at their place. If the Warriors win, it will be the fourth time they’ll face the Cavs in the Finals in as many years.