Amir Khan Accused Of Having One-Night Stand With 22-Year-Old Just Days After His Wife Gave Birth

Eamonn M. McCormackGetty Images for Haymaker Promotions

Professional boxer-turned-reality star Amir Khan has a wife who just gave birth to a beautiful baby, but he’s already being accused of sleeping around with a young model!

According to The Sun, Amir Khan was, allegedly, messy with his affair. He was texting 22-year-old Sophia Hammani just 17 days after his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, gave birth to their child. Faryal then found the messages between Amir and Sophia, and confronted Sophia with the evidence.

Sophia then told Faryal that she had “no idea” that the I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here star was still married and called him a “f***ing a**hole” who “makes [her] sick.”

Sophia said that she met Amir Khan and spent the night with him in a nightclub in London.

But, to Khan’s credit, he left her about $25 so she could take a taxi back to her house, which was on the other side of London from where they had their “date.”

Sophia went on to claim that it was only after she returned home and pulled up information on her “new boyfriend” that she realized he was still married and just had a child with his wife. She further realized that she’d been played when she looked at Khan’s Instagram and he posted a picture of his family — which included his wife and two children — to make the announcement that they were all heading to Pakistan to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Prior to that, she thought he was divorced.

Just one day later, Amir Khan took to social media to address Sophia’s allegations, according to GeoTV.


Needless to say, he was in full denial mode and slammed Sophia’s claims as “total nonsense.”

Khan painted Sophia as a groupie, claiming that she “wanted a picture” with him but was denied because she was too drunk. Khan went on to say that it was because she was a woman scorned that she “sold her story” to the British tabloid and that he found it strange that there were no photos of them together. He capped it off by saying that Sophia was a prostitute, and snarked that $25 for a cab ride “was all she was worth.”

It bears stating, too, that Khan has cheated on his wife in the past. In fact, he was cheating on his wife so much that the two split up for a period of time, only to reconcile earlier this year when he swore that he’d “changed his ways.”

Seems as though Amir Khan has a lot of explaining to do.