Malaika Arora Shares Bikini Pictures Online, Draws Backlash From Trolls Trying To Shame Her

Malaika Arora shared a series of pictures playing on the beach in a bikini, and some fans aren’t taking it too well.

The Indian actress is on a tropical vacation to the Maldives and shared with fans some of her aquatic activities like snorkeling and frolicking on the beach in a bikini. Many were wowed at the 44-year-old actress’s incredible physique, but as the Times of India pointed out, many more had some harsh words for showing off her body.

“However, trolls found it the perfect the occasion to target the actress and slut-shame her,” the report noted. “They had multiple objections to Malaika’s choice of clothes and decided to attack her in the filthiest language possible.”

Some claimed that Malaika Arora’s bikini was not proper attire, noting that it was against Indian culture. Others claimed that she was inviting sexual harassment by sporting a bikini, and some shamed her for being a mother willing to show off her body.

The Bollywood star is no stranger to the spotlight. Aside from the fame her acting career has brought, Arora has also become a fixture of celebrity gossip, especially with her 2016 split from Arbaaz Khan. Once considered one of the most powerful couples in Indian cinema, their divorce sparked a number of rumors about Arora’s love life, the Times of India noted.

Arora was rumored to be dating Mubarakan star Arjun Kapoor and was also connected to a prominent businessman.

While fans love reading gossip about Malaika Arora, many others have found a pastime in shaming her online. The bikini picture was not the first time that social media commenters have decided to lecture the actress on her choice of attire. Another picture posted earlier this year showed Arora wearing a short evening dress, and some decided to tell Arora to cover up.

But Arora has an answer for her critics, NDTV noted. After she was accused of splitting up with Arbaaz Khan in order to get alimony, she blasted one of the online trolls suggesting she had money-grubbing motivations.

“I do not indulge in such conversation because it’s below my dignity, but I just had to because you certainly got to get your d**n facts right before spewing s**t and slagging me off when you know nothing about me except sit and pass judgement on other people’s life. I seriously suggest you find something to do with your time because you clearly have nothing better to do in life.”

So it’s likely that Malaika Arora isn’t too bothered by comments on her bikini photos.