Galaxy Note 9: Samsung’s 2019 Flagship Phablet Could Be The First Mass-Market 1TB Smartphone

Jason KempinGetty Images

Recent reports have emerged speculating that Samsung might be adding a killer feature to its flagship phablet for 2019. While rumors about the Galaxy Note 9 have not really been that encouraging, a new set of leaks from a prominent member of the smartphone community has dropped a very reassuring hint.

This hint suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be a monster when it comes to storage. How much of a monster, you say? Think 1TB. That’s right. If recent leaks prove true, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might very well become the first mass-market smartphone that hits the 1TB mark. That’s a terabyte of storage in a productivity-oriented device.

The leak comes from prominent and uncannily accurate leaker Ice Universe, who has a pretty good track record about Samsung’s devices. According to the group, the Galaxy Note 9 will feature an insane 512GB of storage. But that’s not all. According to the mobile watchdog group, the Note 9 will keep its trademark microSD card slot, which is also compatible with a 512GB memory card. This means that fully topped up, the Galaxy Note 9 will be a smartphone that could have a total 1TB of internal storage, from its 512GB native ROM and from a 512GB microSD card.

As noted in a Forbes report, this is not all. Samsung is also expected to feature up to 8GB of RAM on the flagship phablet. This means that for all intents and purposes, the Galaxy Note 9 could be the most powerful device that the South Korean tech giant has released so far.

Of course, Ice Universe is but a leaker of upcoming mobile phone specifications, and thus, the group could be wrong. It is worth noting, however, that the group did manage to accurately leak the final design of the Galaxy Note 8. Apart from this, the group was also responsible for leaking photos of the Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy S9 specifications.

Based on the group’s announcement, it appears that Samsung is still on the fence about releasing such specs for the Galaxy Note 9. Nevertheless, the idea of a 1TB smartphone is already an exciting prospect, one that could very well encourage many power users to purchase the upcoming device. The Note 9’s target demographic, after all, values raw power and computing capability. With storage levels that were previously saved for external hard drives, the Galaxy Note 9 could hit the sweet spot for the mobile world’s most demanding users.