May 27, 2018
NBA Rumors: Hornets Could Trade Kaminsky, Batum, And No. 11 Pick For DeMar DeRozan, 'Fadeaway World' Suggests

After failing to fully dominate the Eastern Conference this season, the Toronto Raptors reportedly plan to evaluate their future this summer. Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun revealed that the Raptors will explore all trade options in the upcoming offseason, and could look to move their franchise player, DeMar DeRozan, if the right deal comes along.

Alonzo Warond of Fadeaway World recently suggested potential trade scenarios involving DeMar DeRozan, and one of his intriguing landing spots is the Charlotte Hornets. Despite the addition of Dwight Howard last summer, the Hornets still failed to earn a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. When their season officially ended, Kemba Walker hinted at his plan to leave Charlotte if they won't make a huge roster improvement in the upcoming offseason. Walker's departure could be prevented with the potential acquisition of DeRozan.

"The Charlotte Hornets have struggled to fill the shooting guard spot for years now, and he'd become a major stud under Michael Jordan's tutelage, considering he's also a master of the midrange shot and thrived to score with his strength and athleticism. A DeRozan, Walker, Howard big 3 would turn a lot of heads in the Eastern Conference for sure, and perhaps the Hornets could land DeRozan in return for Frank Kaminsky, Nicolas Batum, and the 11th pick of this year's Draft."
DeMar DeRozan will undeniably be a huge upgrade for the Hornets. His arrival in Charlotte will ease the load on Walker's shoulder, especially on the offensive end of the floor. In 80 games last season, DeRozan averaged 23 points and 5.2 assists, while shooting 45.6 percent from the field and 31 percent from beyond the arc.

With the emergence of numerous "Super Teams" in the league, it makes a lot of sense for the Hornets to trade for a superstar like DeRozan. The "Big Three" of Walker, DeRozan, and Dwight Howard will definitely be a huge headache for any team in the Eastern Conference. But in order to beat West powerhouse teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets in a best-of-seven series, the Hornets should still consider another big move.

Trading Frank Kaminsky, Nicolas Batum, and the No. 11 pick to the Raptors for DeMar DeRozan is a win-win situation for the Hornets. Aside from acquiring a superstar, the deal will enable them to get rid of Batum and the remaining three-year, $76.69 million deal on his contract. DeRozan is also signed to a long-term deal with the Raptors, but almost every night, the All-Star shooting guard proves that he deserves his current contract, unlike Batum.

As of now, it remains questionable if the Hornets' suggested offer will persuade the Raptors to make a deal. Once DeMar DeRozan becomes officially available on the trading block, several NBA teams will surely compete against the Hornets to add him on their team. Expect more rumors to circulate around DeRozan as the offseason approaches.