Cody Battles His Way To ‘Street Fighter V’ As Capcom Promotes ‘Final Fight’ Character

Long-beloved Final Fight character Cody is making his second appearance in the Street Fighter franchise in June. Capcom teased the fighter for Street Fighter V Season 3 Saturday with a letter from Mike Haggar before officially confirming his addition to the PlayStation 4 and PC fighting game on Sunday.

Cody will be joining the Street Fighter V roster on June 26. He marks the fourth character added to the fighting game’s third season with Sakura, Blanka, and Flake being the previous additions. He will cost $5.99 at release, or can be purchased with in-game currency. A $29.99 Season Pass is also available through Steam and the PlayStation Store that includes the already four revealed characters, plus two future releases.

He will come with multiple costumes, including one based on his original Final Fight look, his Street Fighter IV costume, a white tuxedo, a homage to Mike Haggar, and a new battle look. More importantly, Cody’s moves are based on his previous game appearances with special moves that use a knife or lead pipe plus a critical attack featuring a fierce uppercut that unleashes a killer tornado.

The character was originally created for Capcom’s Final Fight brawler season. Capcom later added him as a playable character to Street Fighter Alpha 3 following a cameo appearance in the previous title. He later returned in Super Street Fighter IV and was a DLC addition to Street Fighter X Tekken where he was paired with his Final Fight partner, Guy.

Final Fight saw Cody battle through Metro City in multiple iterations as a street-level vigilante. However, he’s made his way up in the world since then as Capcom has promoted him to mayor of the city. This was set up with a letter from former mayor Mike Haggar to welcome Cody into his office with a warning and words of encouragement.

“Before I start, just know I’m only sending this because I was required to — something about the old mayor welcoming in the new one — so don’t think I’m over past differences. When I first met you, I was unsure if you could abandon your ruffian ways, and I was right. You got yourself in prison more times than I cared to keep track of. However, let me remind you that Metro City needs someone they can believe in, someone that will carry on my duties, and someone with a proven track record of bringing justice to the streets. That someone happens to be you.”

Cody marks the latest Final Fight character to join Street Fighter V. Abigail joined the roster as a DLC character in Season 3. Meanwhile, Poison, Guy, and Hugo were all featured in past titles as well.

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