Jinger Duggar Is Feeling The Texas Heat During Her Pregnancy, Fans Give Helpful Tips On Staying Cool

Jinger Duggar is about 32 weeks pregnant, and she is getting into the home stretch and it looks like she is really feeling the heat now. The Counting On star took to her Instagram account to post the weather forecast for Laredo, Texas, where she and her pastor husband, Jeremy Vuolo, live. It showed that the heat index will be right around 107 degrees for Memorial Day. That is not only quite hot for most people, but for an expectant mom, that is very difficult to deal with.

Of course, this is Jinger Duggar we are talking about. She is usually calm and cool in most situations. She is probably taking the heat like a trooper. After all, she does have her sweet husband to take good care of her. That is actually what a few fans have told her as well. Having your husband do some additional things to help out can take the burden off of the new mom-to-be.

Duggar fans have taken to social media to give Jinger a few helpful tips on how to stay cool during the Texan heat wave. Comments such as telling her to take plenty of cool showers and to place cool wet towels across her neck are just a few tips coming her way. Blasting the air conditioner on high is another one.

At least the comments made on Jinger Duggar’s posts are pretty positive. Her older sister, Jill Dillard, isn’t quite so lucky. Between her and husband Derick, those two seem to get into all sorts of hot water with people when they post a photo or a Twitter comment.

There hasn’t been much coming from Jessa and Ben Seewald. They have actually been pretty quiet recently, just posting a photo or a cute video here and there of their two kids, Spurgeon and Henry.

As for the Vuolos, they are preparing for their baby girl to arrive. She is due sometime in July. Jinger will have to withstand another month or so of that heat in Texas. There were rumors swirling that she and Jeremy would be moving to California soon. Jeremy has enrolled in seminary school, but as the Inquisitr previously reported, there are other options for this couple rather than moving to another state right away with a new baby.

Duggar fans are waiting anxiously for Jinger and Jeremy’s little bundle of joy to arrive soon. This will be grand baby number 12 for Jim Bob and Michelle. Expect Joe and Kendra Duggar to deliver their first child, a son, sometime next month.

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