Matt Roloff Confirms Move To Arizona, Sparking Fears That ‘Little People, Big World’ Is Ending

The show, after a decade on air, could be ending soon. For fans, the news that Matt Roloff confirming that he is indeed moving to Arizona also means that the show could be wrapping up. According to Radar Online, Roloff was looking for a home in a retirement community in Phoenix, Arizona, with Caryn Chandler.

Previously, Roloff was reportedly seen with Chandler often at bookstores, events, and more, detailed Inquisitr. Roloff’s new relationship with Chandler has drawn criticism from some because Caryn is friends with Matt’s ex-wife and has been a longtime employee at the family farm. However, Caryn is reportedly no longer employed at the farm after 10 years of working there, according to Radar.

For some devoted fans, the news that Roloff is taking off 1,200 miles away from the family farm doesn’t come as a surprise. The Hollywood Gossip pointed out that Roloff had mentioned that he can’t be living near his ex-wife for long. And indeed, his divorce from Amy and the new relationship with Caryn have been controversial.

Plus, Matt’s living situation was changed due to the divorce, as he moved out of the house and into the guest house. Living in the guest house meant he was only a few hundred feet from his ex-wife, which is less than ideal if he’s entered a new relationship.

Moving to Arizona means more sun for the couple in comparison to the dreary weather in Oregon. And even before he took off to Arizona and officially announced his intentions to move, he dropped many hints about being in a new state on social media. Roloff even had an event for his children’s book in Arizona, detailed In Touch Weekly.

Matt described his experience, saying “after a couple of wonderful weeks in Arizona… It’s that time to get back to the farm, hug those grand babies and catch up on many chores… like planting those pumpkin seeds… Thank you again to the great, friendly people of Arizona for such a warm welcome at my book signing.”

At the time, it’s unknown whether the couple is still looking for the house they want or if they’ve purchased one already.

If Matt and Caryn are looking for a little respite from their previous drama, Arizona might provide that too. Around the time that Matt and Caryn started seeing each other, there was a lot of people who believed in the rumor that Matt had cheated on Amy during the marriage. However, after all these years, there hasn’t been any proof of infidelity.