Horror Movies: Scout Taylor-Compton Says ‘Halloween 2’ Scene Was Too Much To Handle, ‘I Couldn’t Stop Crying’

Scout Taylor-Compton has starred in a litany of horror movies, including Ghost House, Wicked Little Things, April Fool’s Day (2008), Cured, Flight 7500, both of Rob Zombie’s Halloween flicks, and the recently released Feral (currently available in select theaters and On Demand). With such a vast experience in the genre it would be hard to imagine Taylor-Compton being frightened with any of the horror movies she’s starred in, but the talented actor recently revealed one scene in Halloween 2 that was too much for her to handle.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween films were largely panned by both critics and audiences alike, and while they may be considered a disappointment to some, few would argue the film’s intensity. Most of the backlash was caused not by a lack of scares or suspense, but by the direction Zombie took the Halloween story. And the films did more than just scare the audience as one scene petrified Scout.

The actor portrays Laurie Strode in both horror movies, and Danielle Harris plays the character of Annie. In Halloween 2, Annie is butchered to death in the bathroom thanks to serial killer Michael Myers. As many fans know, the sequence of Laurie discovering Annie’s body was dramatically intense and emotionally moving. In a recent interview with Daily Dead, Scout-Taylor Compton described how that Halloween scene affected her.

“That scene gets me so much. It’s the only scene that I’ve ever done in my career, of any of my horror movies, that I wasn’t able to handle. I had to walk off set after my close-ups, because I just couldn’t stop crying. It just felt so real to me, because Danielle is like a sister, so just seeing her like that was absolutely heart-wrenching. That was definitely my favorite scene that I have ever done, and it was the hardest. I gravitate towards these films probably because of my upbringing, with my dad being a mortician and a coroner.”

Scene from Halloween, one of the many horror movies starring Scout Taylor-Compton

She went on to explain that horror was shown to her in a “light sense” growing up in a mortuary, and not as something dark. When she recalls the stories, she likes to tell them like a comedy, because to her, it was. She said that growing up in that world was funny to her. She also remarked that she loves the horror community because everyone involved in it, and why they are attracted to the genre, differs from person to person. And Scout Taylor-Compton also explained why she loves going to conventions.

“I have the time of my life. I have such a blast whenever I’m in that setting with people that love horror movies as much as I do.”