May 26, 2018
Melania Trump Reportedly Wishes Her Husband's Presidency Was Over

Sources are saying that Melania Trump is over her husband Donald's presidency and that her stress level has gotten increasingly higher over the last few weeks. The First Lady has not been seen publicly since she had a kidney procedure on May 14, and she is said to be laying low in the White House recovering.

Hollywood Life says that sources close to Melania say she has been stressed out for months.

"It's been a hideously stressful past few months, and Melania needs a break out of the media glare to recharge her batteries and take stock."
Making things worse is that instead of supporting the First Lady, Donald Trump has been in a bad mood and has been stressed out himself. Melania would prefer to return to her old life and have their time in Washington D.C. be done for good. Those close to Melania say she is not game for a second term.
"Melania really is getting to the point now where she just wishes Donald's presidency was over, and she can't wait to return to her 'regular' life again, even though she realizes it will never be quite the same."
The First Lady's Communications Director, Stephanie Grisham, announced that Melania underwent a procedure for a benign kidney condition at Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland, but would not elaborate further. Trump spent five days in the hospital and now continues to recover in their residence, the White House.

According to People Magazine, Melania Trump has not been photographed in public since May 10, which means the First Lady has been out of the public eye for over two weeks. The Washington Post is calling it an "unusually long absence" even for a First Lady who is thought of as very private.

When Donald Trump was on his way to Marine One in order to fly to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland to give the commencement address, he was asked on the White House lawn how Melania was doing after her kidney procedure. Trump pointed at a window near the south entrance indicating that the First Lady was looking out.

"She's doing great. Right there. She's doing great. She's looking at us, right there."
Reporters on the White House lawn said they looked up where Trump was pointing and saw nobody at the window.

Doctors have indicated that the kidney procedure that Melania Trump had would have been outpatient for anyone else and that because she is the First Lady, an abundance of caution was taken having her stay in the hospital for five days.