White House Mystery: Bag Of Wet, Crusty Socks Spotted Three Different Times In Press Room

The United States White House has been making headlines a lot lately – and it isn’t because of who is currently living inside. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the White House was plagued with a mysterious sinkhole in the lawn that people couldn’t stop talking about. According to VICE, there were also recent reports which claimed the White House was infested with cockroaches and ants.

The latest White House mystery – according to The Huffington Post– is a mysterious bag of wet, crusty socks that appear to be floating around the press room. Where did this crusty bag of dirty, wet socks come from? Why does it keep moving around the press room? Is anyone going to pick the bag up and throw it away? No one who works in – or near – the White House press room appear to have additional details about this latest White House mystery.

It was a little more than a week ago that Saagar Enjeti – a White House correspondent for The Daily Caller – first tweeted an image of the mysterious bag of socks. Enclosed in a baggie, the mysterious socks appear to be damp and dirty. The Huffington Post points out the fact that it was raining the day the socks were spotted for the first time by Saagar and speculated they could be damp with rainwater. The question is – who put them in the baggie and left them in the press room? More importantly, who keeps moving them?


Five days after Enjeti spotted the mysterious wet socks baggie, he returned to the briefing room and surprisingly found the socks, again. In the second picture Enjeti shared on Twitter, the wet and dirty mystery socks had moved to a new location within the press room. They, however, appeared to be within the original baggie.


On May 24, a week had passed since the White House correspondent first spotted the mysterious bag of wet and dirty socks in the press room. Enjeti returned to find the bag of mystery socks moved ever so slightly from where they were just two days ago. According to, Enjeti the socks were now beginning to crust over inside of the bag.

“The formerly wet bag of socks in the White House briefing room has become crusty and moved approximately two inches in the last 2 days.”


Unsurprisingly, many have taken to social media to give their thoughts on this White House mystery. Some questioned why Enjeti didn’t just pick up the socks and throw them away. Others begged for updates as the wet sock story developed.

In a Twitter direct message to The Huffington, Post Enjeti noted he had “no clue” who the socks belonged to. The media outlet did try to reach out to the White House for a comment on this mystery but has yet to receive a response.

Enjeti does plan to return to the White House on Monday to provide an update on this developing story.