The Hilton Head Episode Of ‘Southern Charm’ Brings Back The Dinner Party From Hell

It’s hard to forget the Southern Charm dinner party from hell when Thomas Ravenel and Shep Rose nearly came to fisticuffs at what looked to be a lovely dinner party at the Ravenel manor. But the guests had not even tucked into to their salad course (but they had tucked into their drinks) when Thomas turned the catered meal into a roast, and not one of the beef variety.

But in the teaser for next week’s episode called “Hilton Headache,” that same Jekyll and Hyde situation will rear its ugly head. Ravenel has seriously backed the wrong horse, and like a season of Survivor, the cast is on an island (not a mountain) and hoping to vote someone off (Ravenel’s plus one).

But alas, there is someone on the Southern Charm cast with some Survivor experience, and that’s Chelsea Meissner. Chelsea is cool, calm, and collected, and managed to be a finalist on Survivor: One World, Season 24 says Bustle. So if Thomas and his current girlfriend are going to come for her, they should know that she “outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed” craftier opponents than these two. The clip for next week shows Thomas jumping up on a ferry, plausibly defending the dark behavior of his troublemaking companion.

At the “dinner party from hell,” Thomas chased his guests onto a Charleston street where they narrowly escaped on a golf cart (for real), but freaking out on a ferry brings up shades of an Agatha Christie novel where a fixed group is trapped in a particular location. Brian Moylan of Vulture says that in trying to make her mark, Ravenel’s girlfriend is coming for the wrong girl, Kathryn, whom she calls a “wild card.” The new Kathryn might have more composure than the season one Kathryn, but look out because she’s going to subtly gut you like a fish.

Moylan calls Thomas’ current girlfriend a “Molotov cocktail of want,” and he has a point. “I want your credit card, I want a ring, I want to attend a toddler train-themed birthday party.” $10,000 on three outfits and she wants more.

The poor girl didn’t even see that she was being set up at the Daufuskie dinner when she talks about Kathryn’s party for Saint, and Thomas gets up and walks away, allowing Kathryn to dispatch her to the not invited list. Plus one raises her voice and Thomas bolts, angering his date.

“This is unbelievable. I’m trying to have a conversation!”

She attempts to stare Kathryn down, demanding an invitation, and Kathryn calmly says she doesn’t like her tone. So Ravenel’s current girlfriend unleashes the beast, but she might as well have waved a white flag.

“I see those kids more than you do anyway.”

Cue the foreshadowing, where next week, Kathryn and the rest of the crew will have you for a late-night snack according to Moylan.

“The most obvious thing of all is something that Ashley doesn’t even see coming, that she is no match for Kathryn and she will be summarily destroyed.”

It’s like Free To Be You And Me, the story of “Ladies First.” You can only push your way to the front of the line and chat with the tigers for so long before you are devoured.