Jennifer Lopez Wore $4.5 Million Worth Of Jewels In ‘Dinero’ Music Video

Jennifer Lopez is proving that she certainly isn’t afraid to spend and show off her luxury lifestyle. Shortly after it was revealed that her nail technician cut up a real $100 bill for her 2018 Billboard Music Awards manicure, People is revealing that JLo is seriously dripping in diamonds for her latest music video – donning $4.5 million worth of jewelry.

The site reports that Jennifer wore the millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry all from Tiffany & Co. for the video for her latest track “Dinero,” featuring Cardi B and DJ Khaled.

Lopez wore a number of seriously different expensive designs for the 13 expensive looks she rocks throughout the music video, including a platinum and diamond bracelet that costs a whopping $500,000 as well as a $450,000 diamond necklace.

Also in the video, JLo can be seen wearing a slew of glittering diamond rings, stunning earrings, and several other necklaces and bracelets which all cost thousands of dollars each.

Jennifer’s stylist Mariel Haenn told the site, “Working with Tiffany & Co. on this project was the perfect fit considering we were looking for jewelry that could fit an array of high fashion looks.”

“From street wear to high end couture styling. They are a well-known and respected brand that had the perfect aesthetic,” he said of the luxury jewelry brand Jennifer sported.

The announcement that Jennifer’s jewelry alone in her new music video is worth an incredible $4.5 million comes shortly after JLo showed off her seriously expensive manicure at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on May 20.

As the Inqusitr previously reported this week, Lopez – who recently showed off her incredible body in a video showing her working out with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez at the gym – actually had real $100 bills glued onto her nails for the award show where she performed the track “Dinero” on stage for the first time.

Jennifer Lopez is wearing $4.5 million worth of Tiffany jewels in music video

As confirmed by PopSugar, Lopez’s nail artist shared various looks at the false nails on Instagram which showed various parts of a real $100 bill cut up and then glued onto the nails, including one nail that featured part of Benjamin Franklin’s face from the cash.

“It’s All About the #Dinero for our girl @jlo,” he wrote on the social media site of JLo’s very expensive nails, confirming that the money he used was, in fact, real and not a decal design. “@bbmas #nailsbytombachik #jlonails #bbmas the #real deal #hundo $100 #notadecal #benjamin.”

But it’s not just in the music world where Lopez – who claims has a net worth $360 million – is showing off her love of the finer things in life as she promotes her new single “Dinero,” which is Spanish for money.

Page Six reported earlier this week that JLo even showed off her luxury choices while heading to the gym with boyfriend A-Rod earlier this week. Lopez could be seen heading to work out with her man in Miami, Florida, while carrying her gear in an incredibly expensive Hermes bag.

The site reported that the bright yellow designer bag – which perfectly matched the “Live It Up” singer’s yellow sneakers while she was dressed in a tight white sports top with a see-through design and matching leggings – the star was using to seemingly carry her gym equipment retails for a whopping $18,500.