‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Fallout Over Peter Wreaks Havoc Throughout Port Charles

After months of buildup, people throughout Port Charles finally know that Peter August is really Henrik Faison. According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, actor Wes Ramsey will be at the center of the action again as the dust settles over the stunning revelation. What is on the way with the May 25 show?

Maxie had considered naming her new baby Peter after he helped her deliver her son on the side of the road, and she was shellshocked soon after by his admission that he’s Henrik. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will fill Mac and Felicia in when they stop by to meet their grandbaby and Maxie will understandably need some time to process this news.

Lulu knows that her actions are closely tied to Henrik being in town and shaking things up and she’s trying to repair the relationships that have been damaged as a result. Viewers watched Dante lay into her for her role in this and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll be trying to apologize to someone else during Friday’s show. It is known that Nina will visit her, and it may well be that this is where the apology attempt comes into play.

Fans knew that when Nina learned about Peter being Henrik, and Valentin’s involvement in it all, that she would be furious and heartbroken. Indeed, she packed a bag and left the Cassadine estate, but General Hospital spoilers note that Valentin will reach out to her to try to reconnect.

SheKnows Soaps reveals that Valentin will do the best he can, but it doesn’t look like Nina is ready to hear anything more from him. She’ll scream at him that she is done, and given how this is connected to Nathan’s death, it is clearly going to be a tough road for Valentin to try to woo Nina back.

Anna will get emotional as she opens up to Robert about Henrik being her son and what went down on the pier. She’ll tell Robert that as guns were drawn she felt that she had no choice but to tell the truth and General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll continue to support her as she tries to move forward in building a relationship with Henrik.

Peter has been arrested and he’ll be facing Dante at the PCPD. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he’ll refer to Nathan as his brother, and this remark will make Dante furious. As viewers know, the loss of his partner has been devastating to Dante, and he’ll make it clear that Peter has no right in his mind to consider Nathan his brother, regardless of their blood ties.

At this point, Peter is in a tight spot, but he isn’t giving up. General Hospital spoilers hint that he’s still got something held in reserve and Soap Central says that whatever it is will give him an advantage again soon. Friday’s episode will also showcase some progress related to the Carly and Nelle storyline, and teasers indicate that Young and Restless veteran Elizabeth Hendrickson will start airing in her new role related to the case in the coming week.

Viewers have been anxious for solid progress on this Peter storyline and they finally have it. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are still more twists and turns on the way and fans will want to stay tuned to get the scoop on where things head next.