Rumors Of Thomas Ravenel’s Firing From ‘Southern Charm’ Are Spreading On Social Media

Bravo had previously stated that Thomas Ravenel’s future on Southern Charm would be determined by the Charleston Police Department’s investigation into the rape and sexual assault accusations, but the social media rumor mill has gone into high gear saying that Ravenel has indeed been fired. While Bravo and Southern Charm‘s production company Haymaker have not made an official statement confirming Ravenel’s termination certain blogs and Facebook pages dedicated to Bravo shows are saying that Ravenel is done, and some are adding that his role in the current season will be reduced.

Yesterday, Us Weekly reported that Ravenel’s future on Bravo was uncertain as another woman had come forward to complain that Ravenel and his current girlfriend had been cyber stalking her after she broke things off with the former politician. The Charleston Police are still investigating claims made by a former nanny for Ravenel’s children who says that Thomas attacked her one night while she was taking care of his oldest child, Kensie. The woman, identified as Nanny Dawn, says that Ravenel would not take no for an answer and was brutal, attempting to strangle her with her own shirt.

The rumor mill went into high gear last night after the latest episode of Southern Charm aired and fans pushed back against Ravenel and his plus one who seemed to be unstable. Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis had been warning fans that the tone of the season would change when the gang went to Hilton Head and was she ever right.

Ravenel’s girlfriend angles for an invite to a toddler party for nearly the full episode, finally demanding one from Kathryn who tells her she needs to change her tone. This causes an explosion where the girlfriend insists that she be invited because of the amount of time she spends with Kathryn’s children.

“I spend more time with your children than you do!”

Danni Baird comes to Kathryn’s defense, telling the plus one to “slow your roll,” but scenes from next week’s show foreshadow a blow-up by Ravenel reminiscent of the dinner party from hell where Thomas rages at his guests. But the biggest sign that everything has gone wrong for Thomas and his girlfriend is when Shep, the Switzerland of Southern Charm weighs in.

“I f***king hate her!”

Twitter lit up with the rumors of Ravenel’s firing late last night.

“Just found out Thomas has been fired from Bravo!”

Facebook followed suit this morning with a Bravo group adding to the information, suggesting that not only had Ravenel been fired, but that his appearance this season would be reduced.

“Rumor has it…Thomas has been fired and will be edited down this season. Apparently, T-Rav has been let go and will be edited down during the current season of Southern Charm.”

Tamara Tattles posted a blind item about Ravenel that was not so blind, called “Oh He Is So Fired.”

“It ‘s official. But he will still be seen in episodes this season but is being edited out as much as possible.”

Fans unanimously agreed that the item was about Thomas Ravenel, and many commented that it was “about time” that Bravo pulled the plug.