The ‘Southern Charm’ Recap Of ‘What Da Fuskie’ [Spoilers]

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It’s just the nature of the beast that reality shows all have that moment where everyone on screen seems uncomfortable, and as viewers, we feel uncomfortable watching. This week’s Southern Charm is that episode where viewers are squirming. It makes sense, as the folks in the show are not privy to the voiceovers and confessionals, but little by little, Thomas Ravenel’s new plus one is realizing that Thomas is not over Kathryn, and the rest of the crew is learning that the girlfriend is a buzzkill.

Kathryn Dennis has hinted that fans of Southern Charm should stay tuned because everything changes in Hilton Head and she is right because this is the episode when Thomas’ new plus one loses it, most likely showing her true colors.

Kathryn admitted from the beginning that Thomas’ girlfriend, who had moved across the country to be on the show after dating him for six weeks, had rubbed her the wrong way, and her concerns were confirmed when the show started to air, and she heard what Ravenel and his plus one were saying behind her back about her and her two kids.

“This year, it’s very different with Ashley. Watch them talk about me and my kids and I’m getting to understand how involved she was. Meeting her on the show was really weird because a normal person would have told the mother of their children they were dating someone new, but Thomas used the show as the platform to tell me. “

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At the beginning of the episode, Thomas is in his car with his plus one when she asks for his credit card. He doesn’t answer so she asks again, saying she needs it in case of emergency. The two go to get her dress altered that she bought last week with his credit card, and she gets miffed when the store owner, Madison, and Thomas talk about the fact that Kathryn’s grandmother has died.

“This is about me!”

Then Thomas makes the fatal error of saying he is going to call Kathryn to extend his condolences.

“You’ve been doing that a lot lately.”

The next uncomfortable moment is the nonstop conversation about an invite or lack thereof to the second birthday party of Thomas and Kathryn’s son Saint. Last week, the two parents agreed that Thomas would not bring his girlfriend to the party, but obviously, he did not tell her. Just before heading out on their two-plus hour drive to Hilton Head, the girlfriend explains that there is going to be a big problem if she isn’t invited, as it’s the “mature” thing to do. Thomas wants her to let it go, but that isn’t happening.

Tonight we get to see a furry cast member who has not been seen for a while, and that is Gizmo the cat. Naomie and Craig have split, but as a goodwill demonstration, Naomie brings the orange furry feline by for a visit. Naomie has a broken foot, so this is quite an effort.

After the whole crew arrives in Hilton Head, the ladies prepare to go horseback riding, and the guys head out golfing, but not before Thomas and his guest go another round with everyone listening, but this is just the start of the stress meltdown of Thomas’ current girlfriend.

On the golf course, Craig tells Thomas that his girlfriend is a gold digger, and Thomas promises to throw her out as soon as he sees it. Over at the stable, everyone is having fun, but not Thomas’ girlfriend, who says she will never horseback ride again.

But the culmination of the tension comes at a group dinner where the lack of invitation leads to an uncomfortable confrontation.

“I spend more time with your children than you do!”

Danni intervenes, telling Thomas’ plus one to “slow her roll,” but it’s too late, she is speeding down the hill.

In the teaser for next week, even Shep has lost his patience with the outsider, telling others “I f***king hate her!”