‘Incredibles 2’ Expected To Have Huge Debut At Box Office

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

The long-awaited The Incredibles 2 may break records when it opens in theaters on June 15. According to Hollywood Reporter, the Disney and Pixar flick is on track to debut at the box-office at a whopping $140 million in the United States. The Incredibles 2 looks set to become the highest-grossing opening of an animated movie ever. This feat is particularly impressive considering that the film is the sequel to The Incredibles, which was released 14 years ago. Currently, Finding Dory, holds the record for the animation movie with the biggest box-office debut at $135 million in 2016. Finding Dory was also the sequel to Finding Nemo, released in 2003.

Helen Parr: [to Bob] “You know it’s crazy, right? To help my family, I gotta leave it to fix the law, I gotta break it.”

Bob Parr: “You’ve got to, so our kids can have that choice.”

The Incredibles 2 has kept the majority of its voice artists as well as the original director-cum-writer. Two-time Academy Award winner Brad Bird writes and directs the film which picks up shortly after where The Incredibles finished. Voiceover artists include Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius Best, Sophia Bush as Voyd, Holly Hunter as Helen Parr, Catherine Keener as Evelyn Deavor, and Craig T. Nelson as Bob Parr. Bud Luckey, who was the voice for Rick Dicker in The Incredibles, passed away before recording any lines for his character, according to IMDb. Jonathan Banks took over the role a month before Luckey passed away.


According to Variety,­ super-parents Helen and Bob Parr are on a mission to change the public’s perception of them. Fans will remember that the family has superhero powers but they still try to lead relatively normal lives. However, the parents decide that they switch roles this time around. Helen goes on the first mission and Bob stays at home with the kids. Bob, or Mr. Incredible, now has to deal with their three kids by himself while Helen, or Elastigirl, tries to save the world this time around. He faces Violet’s teenage rebellion while listening to Dash’s sarcastic remarks, and this is even before the couple discovers that Jack-Jack has powers of his own.

Lucius Best: [Jack-Jack disappears from the room] “WHAT THE?”

Bob Parr: [waves cookie in the air for Jack-Jack] “Num num, cookie!”

Lucius Best: “Oh my gosh!”

Bob Parr: “Cookie!”

Lucius Best: [Jack-Jack appears and eats the cookie] “Whoa, K! That… is freaky.”

The Incredibles 2 is set to be released on June 15. Make your way to the theater and help break that record.