‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Relishes Her Situation, Michael Reaches Out To Carly, And Sonny Worries

Nelle has been scheming against Carly for a long time now, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will be feeling as if she’s sitting pretty at the moment. She didn’t plan on falling down the stairs during an argument with Carly, but she and the baby survived the fall, and she’s soaking up lots of support and attention at the hospital. Thursday’s show brings more of that, but those who are worried about Carly will be considering what needs to happen next.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Josslyn will spend time with Nelle at the hospital, and the pregnant patient will tell Joss that she feels as if all of this chaos is bringing her and Michael closer together. She has Joss completely snowed, of course, and Josslyn will be thrilled by the idea of this relationship moving forward.

As SheKnows Soaps details, Nelle will be getting support as her hospital stay continues and she’s thrilled. However, it looks like Michael is taking a step back to reconsider what’s gone on in this situation. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will pay his mother Carly a visit and he will ask her to tell him the truth about what happened when Nelle fell down the Quartermaine mansion stairs.


Michael will ask his mother to share her side of what happened on that fateful day, and she will be feeling anxious to convince her son that she did nothing wrong. Soap Central notes that Carly’s frustrations will escalate this week, and she’s said to reach her breaking point next week. She’s struggling to get anybody to fully and truly believe her, aside from Jason, and it doesn’t sound as if she’ll make much progress yet.

Carly opened up recently to Sonny about what had been happening and while he supports her, he also worries about how mentally unstable she’s become. General Hospital spoilers share that he will be talking with Diane during Thursday’s show about the situation, and Diane will be worried about how far gone Carly has been.

Thursday’s show also brings viewers drama regarding the aftermath of Kiki and Griffin’s romp, as Ava will be pounding on his door as the two are still in bed, and Julian will be reaching out to a vulnerable Alexis. Kim cautions Drew on his plan to regain his memories, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s additional drama on the way as the week wraps up.

Fans are anxious to see Nelle put in her place, and many think that Jason will be the one to ultimately turn the tables on her. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they emerge, and tune in to Thursday’s episode on ABC to see how Michael reacts to Carly’s side of the story.