Danica Patrick Shares Sweaty Sports Bra Selfie Ahead Of Final Race

Danica Patrick isn’t slowing down ahead of her final Indianapolis 500. The world’s most famous female open-wheel racing competitor will take to the racetrack for the last time this Sunday, but retirement seemed to be the last thing on Patrick’s mind when she gave her fans a small taste of all the hard work that goes into prepping for a big race.

On Wednesday, Danica Patrick took to Instagram to share a post-workout snapshot. The 36-year-old is rocking a light gray sports bra and bright green athletic shorts in the photo, which was taken while she was lying on the floor. Patrick is drenched in sweat, and she looks completely wiped out.

“This is NOT savasana!!!!” she captioned the image.

Savasana is a yoga pose that is also known as the “corpse pose.” However, Danica Patrick clearly wanted her followers to know that she wasn’t playing dead; she was dead tired. Patrick revealed that her exhaustion was the result of completing a high-intensity upper body workout that included challenging exercises like burpees and handstand push-ups.

“Last upper body day before the race Sunday!” Patrick wrote.

Even though Danica Patrick’s pre-race workouts are tough, getting to take a break from the gym isn’t what she most looks forward to about her retirement. During a recent interview with USA Today, Patrick said what she definitely won’t miss is the immense stress that she experiences while racing. She said that she often feels “nervous” and “uncomfortable” when she’s in the driver’s seat, even when things are going well for her. This just makes her worry about making a mistake that will let her team down.

During an interview with ESPN, Danica Patrick explained why she’s decided to walk away from the world of racing after being one of its biggest stars for over a decade. As reported by People, she confessed that she simply doesn’t enjoy competing anymore. She said that she still loves driving the high-powered cars that she competes in, but she admitted that racing in big events like the Indy 500 no longer holds any allure for her.

“I just stopped having fun, I don’t love racing—like I love cars and I love driving them—my favorite part is really about the progression and setting goals and accomplishing them,” Patrick said. “For me, a lot of the things that I was there for seemed like they were slipping away, so it wasn’t as fun anymore.”

Even though Danica seems disenchanted with the sport that made her a household name, she clearly isn’t slacking off ahead of her farewell race; her post-workout selfie is evidence that she’s treating her last competition just like any of the other big races that she’s driven in during her illustrious career. According to ESPN, she leaves behind a legacy that includes being the first female driver to finish in the top five at the Indianapolis 500. She was also recently immortalized in LEGO bricks.

Coverage of Danica Patrick’s final Indianapolis 500 will begin Sunday at 11 a.m. E.T. on ABC.

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