Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Manicure With Actual $100 Bills Glued To Her Nails

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has a dollar or two to her name, but it turns out she also has a $100 bill or two on her nails. According to PopSugar, the star certainly wasn’t afraid to spend when it came to her manicure for her performance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on May 20 as her nail artist revealed this week that she had actual $100 bills glued onto her nails for her appearance at the big music award show.

In keeping with the title of her latest single “Dinero” – which she performed live for the first time at the awards alongside DJ Khaled and a video clip of rapper Cardi B who’s also featured on the track – celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik confirmed on Instagram that he cut up real $100 bills to use as decoration on JLo’s nails.

Bachik shared various photos of Jennifer’s manicure on Instagram this week, which showed the falsies all lined up in a row with various sections of one or more $100 bills glued onto them.

The nail set featured different parts of the $100 bill on each nail, including the words “in God we trust” on one, the number 100, as well as part of Benjamin Franklin’s face on the others. The nails couldn’t actually be seen as Lopez performed though, as she opted to wear long black gloves as she took the stage.

“It’s All About the #Dinero for our girl @jlo,” the nail artist captioned one of the photos according to PopSugar, before also confirming in the caption that the designs were made from real cash.

The site reported that he captioned one photo with the hashtag #notadecal, confirming that the design wasn’t a decal, which refers to a design being prepared on specialist paper before the manicure can then be transferred onto the nail.

He wrote alongside the photo of Lopez’s BBMAs nails, “#jlonails #bbmas the #real deal #hundo $100 #notadecal #benjamin.”

Bustle also reports that JLo’s impressive $100 manicure was in fact made from real bills.

Bachik then shared more photos of Jennifer wearing the nail set at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards while holding on to her clutch bag and following her performance, as well as a video of the star showing off her unique manicure.

“Yo Quiero #Dinero,” he wrote alongside the photo, which featured JLo proudly revealing her nails while her hands were also adorned with several stunning gold diamond rings. “About last night @jlo #jlonails #nailsbytombachik.”

Lopez – who recently wowed fans by showing off her long, toned legs in a short miniskirt on Instagram – hasn’t commented on her super expensive manicure on her own social media pages, though Jennifer did cause a little controversy at the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend after several viewers accused her of failing to sing live during the broadcast.

JLo had a manicure using real $100 bills
JLo covered her manicure as she performed at the BBMAs, wearing long black gloves.

As Inquisitr previously reported, a number of social media users commented on Jennifer’s performance on Twitter as the awards aired live across the U.S.

Many opting to put JLo on blast for appearing to lip-sync her first live performance of her new single with Cardi B and DJ Khaled, though the star and her team are yet to officially confirm whether or not she actually sang live.