Travis Scott Reportedly Wants Kylie Jenner To Be A Stay At Home Mom, 'In Touch Weekly' Reports

Kylie Jenner, a stay-at-home mom? It sounds hard to believe that would ever happen but according to In Touch Weekly, it could become a reality if Travis Scott has his way. According to In Touch, Travis wants Kylie to stay home and take care of their child, Stormi Webster.

"Travis loves Kylie and they're totally happy parents," and alleged source insider from the rapper's camp told In Touch. "He's worried, however, that Kylie's going to morph back into her socialite and partying ways and not put Stormi first... Travis wants her to scale back her work and social life and be a stay-at-home mom for the time being."

But, as In Touch notes, Kylie is a cosmetics mogul. According to TIME, She has a net worth of $50 million and most of her earnings come from her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics, best known for its first product to market, the Kylie lip-kit. The brand has reportedly made $420 million so far which is impressive since she only started the company two years ago. Kylie also has what's been described as a "lucrative" contract with Puma and established another stream of income with her reality TV show, Life Of Kylie.

So, is Kylie willing to sacrifice all that she's gained in her career so far in order to stay at home to raise Stormi? In Touch speculates that the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan won't do it, especially since her older sister, Kim Kardashian has held on to her career while raising three kids. But their source maintains that Travis is pretty adamant about Kylie staying home.

"Travis is nervous and doesn't want Kylie to put money and career before the baby," the source added.

Based on her social media, Kylie Jenner is still keeping her focus on her career. Lots of her recent tweets promote Kylie Cosmetics. Here are a couple of examples below:

So it seems that she isn't inclined to give up promotional duties for her business, although someone from her team could have posted those tweets.

On the other hand, SF Gate reports that Jenner was hours late for a Kylie Cosmetics pop up in San Francisco recently. Fans who had reportedly camped out for hours and even days for the event outed Kylie for her tardiness on Twitter. One of her ardent followers admitted to that he had slept outside of the venue for two nights and had depended on Uber Eats for food.

To make matters worse, some of her fans tweeted that she was only there for a couple of minutes.

So, is this an indication that Kylie isn't that dedicated to Kylie Cosmetics? Only time will tell.Kylie gave birth to Stormi Webster in February after months of refusing to acknowledge that she was pregnant to the press or on social media. She is Jenner and Travis Scott's first child together.