Kylie Jenner Shows Off Slim Figure Just Three Months After Giving Birth

Kylie Jenner has bounced back quickly after having her first child, and the reality television star is showing off her once-again trim figure in a new Instagram picture.

Though she was secretive through much of her pregnancy, stepping out of the limelight to focus on her health and preparing for her first baby at the age of 19, Kylie has opened up a bit more with fans since giving birth to Stormi Webster. She briefly shared how much weight she gained during her pregnancy, and now has let fans in on her weight-loss journey that has seen her quickly bounce back into shape.

This week, Kylie shared a picture that doubled as an endorsement for Fashion Nova showing her trim body in a tight dress. The picture was a huge hit, scoring 4.5 million likes in just the first eight hours since she posted it.

As the picture showed, Kylie has now come a long way since her pregnancy. As This Insider noted, Kylie shared with fans in an online Q&A session that she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy, and appears to have already lost the majority of it.

Much of the weight loss was immediate. As the Independent noted, Kylie reportedly lost 25 pounds in just the first two weeks since giving birth and got some help from her older sister in doing so. Kim Kardashian, the veteran mom of two pregnancies, was famous for regaining her pre-baby figure quickly after giving birth and lent some of that expertise to Kylie as well.

"After using a surrogate this time round, Kim has been living vicariously through Kylie and her pregnancy," a source told Heat magazine (via the Independent). "She's been helping Kylie every step of the way and giving her loads of advice, and has been waiting to whip her into shape the moment she had the baby."

The source said that Kylie has been on a strict diet of no more than 1,500 calories per day with no sugary snacks or high-carb meals.

Kylie Jenner has been keeping busy since the birth of her first child. Last week, she opened a new pop-up shop for her Kylie Cosmetics line in San Francisco, an event that was not without controversy. Some fans were upset when Kylie showed up four hours after the opening, though the reality star later explained that she was only following the directive of the police who closed off the street for the event.