The Shiplap Strikes Back: ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines May Be Returning To Television

Just a few short months after the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper took its final curtain call, a new report suggests that Chip and Joanna Gaines — the married couple who starred on the show — will be returning to television.

The couple has earned a devout fandom over the course of their seasons with Fixer Upper, wherein they would go all around Waco, TX, and its surrounding environs, helping people buy their first house and “fixing it up” with a down-home country flavor.

They also — inadvertently or not — helped introduce shiplap into the pop culture lexicon.

But, the other day, a fan of the show tweeted a show suggestion to Fixer Upper star Chip Gaines. The premise of the show, according to the tweet, was that Chip and Joanna “surprise young adults” by fixing up their starter home, which they got straight out of college.

Chip, who saw the tweet, sent the internet into a flurry when he responded by saying, “Hummmm. #MeLike.”

Previously, too, Joanna has admitted that she and her husband may return to TV sometime in the future because “you just never know.”

But could the Fixer Upper couple be making a return to our television screens anytime soon?

Though Joanna admits that the couple is “entrepreneurial,” they’re focused right now on their other ventures, including their fifth child — a boy — which will be coming along any minute now!

The couple also has their quarterly Magnolia Journal magazine, the Magnolia Market store, a new restaurant, and the Home and Hearth collection over at Target, so it’s not like they’re just sitting home and counting their money.

But even though Joanna wanted to down-shift a little so she could stay home and finish baking a baby, Chip has been very vocal about returning to television with or without his wife.

Chip told People Magazine that he always “laughed” about the thought of having a “normal” life. He said that he was afraid that, when he left Fixer Upper, he would go back to living a “normal” life, and while he was willing to try it for a while, he wasn’t sure if he always wanted to do it. So, he said, he would “try it for a while,” and if being “normal” didn’t work for him, he’d go back to being on television.

And even though the final new episode of Fixer Upper has already aired, fans can still watch the show in re-runs and marathons on HGTV.