Nikki Bella Says She’s Still Holding On To Her Wedding Dress ‘Just In Case’ She Reconciles With John Cena

The WWE fandom is abuzz about the apparent breakup of WWE superstars Nikki Bella and John Cena, and needless to say, as more details come out about the nature of their relationship — and subsequent, alleged split — it’s not looking good for those who believe their breakup was the “real deal.” In fact, between the rumors about “faking the funk” for ratings, getting back together on the low, and now this latest proclamation about a wedding dress, fans are left wondering if it isn’t all a work.

According to The Daily Mail, Nikki Bella recently told an outlet that she’s still holding on to the wedding dress she was going to marry John Cena in, “just in case.”

Nikki, who was seen trying on potential wedding dresses in episodes of this season’s Total Divas, said that she still loves John Cena, and believes that, eventually, they will get back together and get married.

As far as she’s concerned, the reason she didn’t marry Cena is because she was concerned about walking down the aisle and saying vows “she would later regret.”

However, she conceded that she is currently “solo” because she’d like to deal with the issues that “gave her cold feet” in the first place.

Ultimately, too, Nikki Bella decided to keep the wedding dress after John Cena refused to take back the engagement ring he gave her. This led her to believe that they, ultimately, would end up married.

People Magazine has also reported that the duo is very much back together, and — as was previously reported by the Inquisitr — there is strong evidence to suggest that they never broke up in the first place.

In fact, as was previously reported, there’s strong evidence to suggest that everything was faked between Bella and Cena from the get-go — that their entire relationship was “a work” to get people to tune in to wrestling, which was slipping in the ratings before “the big proposal,” and concluding with Cena’s over-wrought appearance on The Today Show to declare his love for Nikki.

Previously, the couple said that there was a difference of opinion in having children — Nikki wanted them, John didn’t — and that’s why they didn’t get married when they were supposed to. It was then, per Cena, that they realized that they still loved each other and wanted to give their love another try.

It should be interesting to see if John Cena and Nikki Bella do, in fact, walk down the aisle or if this is all a ruse.

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