Duchess Meghan And Duchess Camilla Are Reportedly Becoming 'Close,' Per 'The Daily Mail'

It's only been a few days into her new, royal life, and Duchess Meghan is not only proving that she fits right in with the British royal family, but she's actually made some friends along the way as well.

The Daily Mail is reporting that, after the royal wedding, Duchess Meghan was snapped holding hands with her new mother-in-law, Duchess Camilla of Cornwall (a/k/a Camilla Parker-Bowles), at Prince Charles' 70th birthday party.

The outlet is reporting that the elder Duchess is proving to be a confidante to the younger newlywed, proving that not all mothers-in-law are worthy of scorn.

Prince Charles' 70th birthday party yesterday marked the first time that the former Suits actress was commissioned in her duties as the Duchess of Sussex.

According to those in attendance, the two were seen holding hands and "engaging in deep conversation," and the gesture was seen as "remarkable" because, in the British monarchic tradition, hand-holding is seen as an improper gesture.

Body language experts who contributed to the Mail story suggested that this is part and parcel of the so-called "Markle effect" that the young American is having on the British royal family -- an effect first ignited by Prince Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, who frequently made efforts to make the British royal family seem "open and accessible."

This isn't the first time, however, that the British royal family has shown affection to Duchess Meghan.

At the royal wedding, Prince Charles met Meghan halfway down the aisle to give her away to Prince Harry, and after the ceremony, he escorted Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, out of the church.

Duchess Camilla, for her part, was recently heard gushing about the royal wedding. She said that, in the beginning, the British family "wasn't sure what was coming next," especially given Meghan's father and step-siblings continued alleged Jerry Springer-like antics. However, she said that the day was "literally perfect," and that she was happy that everything finally came together at the wedding, which was "just lovely."

As of yet, the couple has not announced when, where, or if they will embark on a honeymoon. However, according to some published reports, the new Duke and Duchess are trying to "keep their honeymoon a secret" because they are determined to enjoy each other's company in private without the watchful eye of the media upon them.

It's also unclear what other "royal duties" Duchess Meghan will have, and when she will begin them.