‘Little People, Big World’ Star Amy Roloff Allegedly Jealous Of Matt Roloff’s Girlfriend, Reports ‘Radar’

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is reportedly jealous of Matt Roloff’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler and the time she’s spending with her children and their spouses, according to Radar Online.

The TLC superstar family has been featured this season continuing to work on their relationships after Matt and Amy’s divorce in 2016.

Amy remarked that working with Matt and his new love was “difficult.”

“Working with Caryn or Matt I have to put aside what personal feelings I may have because pumpkin season is a family business and I want it to continue to be around for the kids and the grandkids, so I definitely want things to go well,” she remarked on the latest episode of the TLC series.

Amy continued by stating, “I still struggle with ‘How do I interact with her. What do I say?’ I will admit I still struggle with that. Working with Caryn and Matt has been difficult. Seeing her with Jackson… it’s difficult. These are my kids and my grandbabies. It’s definitely been the hardest thing to watch.”

Caryn, who has reportedly been accepted by the family, agreed with Amy’s remarks, admitting it was a “challenge” to get along with Amy and her family.

“I respect Amy tremendously, but there’s always going to be some crossover and some awkwardness,” Caryn admitted to the cameras.

“I work very, very hard not to have that happen.”

The May 22 episode showed the family working together during pumpkin season at the Roloff Family Farm, their busiest season of the year.

“It’s our most important season, this season is what helps us fund the farm,” Matt stated to Amy in a tense moment.

“Even though Matt and I are divorced, we are still business partners,” Amy remarked. “And our pumpkin store during pumpkin season has a lot of items in it. We sell pumpkin butter, pumpkin salsa; but you know obviously with the divorce, we definitely have our own individual finances.”

The couple attempted to work out their differences for the best of their business, although Amy admitted that talking to Matt was “stressful.” She later approached him with a new product she planned to introduce in the store.

Matt, Amy and the rest of the Roloff family gather in front of the 2015 pumpkin patch sign for a photograph.

Tensions came to a head between the couple when Matt remarked that his girlfriend believed that Amy’s products should be featured up front, but the couple disagreed over how to share the profits.

Apparently whatever each of them contributes to sell at the store must have a percentage of sales returned to the running of the farm. “I need to compensate the farm,” Matt replied, but Amy was not happy with his response.

Matt then explained the couple needed to come up with a business plan that was “equitable” for everyone.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays on TLC.