Kelly Clarkson Answers Question About Her Recent Weight Loss With Hilarious Response

Kelly Clarkson fans can’t quit gushing about how great The Voice coach looks after losing a significant amount of weight. Many of Clarkson’s admirers are likely dying to know her secret to slimming down, and the “Love So Soft” singer was finally asked about how she dropped the pounds. However, she didn’t divulge any details about her current diet and exercise regimen. Instead, she claimed that a magic material and actual magic deserve credit for her incredible weight loss.

On Monday, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Kelly Clarkson at a press conference for the season finale of The Voice. However, not all of the media outlet’s questions were about the NBC reality competition. Clarkson was also quizzed about her noticeably thinner frame and what she did to so drastically alter her appearance. According to the 36-year-old singer, dropping a few dress sizes is easy when you hire a Hogwarts graduate to help you get ready for big events. And what a wizard can’t do can be accomplished with some good old-fashioned shapewear.

“I have to shout out my whole glam squad,” Clarkson said. “I literally hired Harry Potter and SPANX, it’s all like a sausage.”

During a recent interview with People, Clarkson had more praise for the team that helps her get ready for big events. According to Clarkson, they always make her feel like she’s undergone “the mom makeover on the Today show.”

Kelly Clarkson showed off the results of her glam squad’s latest efforts on Wednesday. For the season finale of The Voice, she rocked a red sequin dress designed by Ashish. It featured a thigh-high slit, one long sleeve, and an asymmetrical ruffle down the front. Clarkson accentuated her tiny waist by accessorizing her glamorous look with a thick black belt.

While Kelly Clarkson may claim that her body looks so incredible because it’s bewitched, she’s previously hinted that a chef with a spoon, not a wizard with a wand, played a role in her recent slim down. During an interview with Life & Style, she revealed that she avoids spending time in the kitchen by never cooking meals herself. Instead, she’s hired a chef named Lisa who whips up healthy culinary creations that taste “amazing.”

A fitness expert has estimated Clarkson’s weight loss at around 40 pounds, and her more slender figure has become such a big deal that unnamed sources are even talking about it. One of these supposed insiders claimed that the singer began working out with a personal trainer four months ago, and she’s allegedly been on a high protein diet ever since she got more active. Another source told Hollywood Life that Clarkson has been eating smaller portions, shunning sugar, and chowing down on more vegetables.

Fish and carrots may not be quite as magical as a weight loss wand, but Kelly Clarkson’s diet definitely seems to be doing more than an adequate job of making those pounds disappear.