‘Roseanne’ Finale Hints At Possible Season 2 Storylines

The Roseanne revival aired its season finale on Tuesday night. The nine-episode season came to an end not with a cliffhanger, but with storylines that will surely run over into the next season of the fan favorite show.

According to a May 22 report by The Hollywood Reporter, the show ended the first season of the revival with more talk about Roseanne’s bum knee. Dan vowed to do whatever he had to in order to pay for his wife’s knee surgery. In the previous episode, it was revealed that the Conner family matriarch had been abusing her pain medication in order to deal with the discomfort she felt due to her ailment.

Dan told Roseanne that he was going to bid very low on his latest job opportunity by using illegal workers and not his best friend Chuck’s crew. Roseanne and Jackie hoped to find a way to get some extra money by looking for something they could sell. However, they didn’t have much luck. Meanwhile, the entire state of Illinois began to flood when rain set in and refused to go away. Dan and Roseanne’s basement flooded, leaving Dan to come under even more stress.

Later it was revealed that the President had declared a state of emergency, which ended up being a blessing in disguise for Dan and Roseanne, who found out they would be getting government money to fix the mess in their basement. Dan revealed that they could use the money to pay for Rosie’s knee surgery.

In addition, Darlene also rediscovered her love of writing. While working on a novel, Harris joined her mother in the Conner family kitchen and revealed she was proud of her for trying to better her life. It seems that Darlene’s writing career could be a new storyline when Roseanne returns for another season later this year.

The report also suggests that more political storylines will come, as well as more healthcare talk when Roseanne goes under the knife to have knee surgery.

“If the finale is any indication, that could also mean the lengths to which Dan will go to get work, including going around his union to hire illegal immigrants, as well as how working-class families experience financial assistance from the government in times of a disaster, as the Conner home’s basement flooded during the finale.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Roseanne will officially return with new episodes this fall on ABC.