Emilia Clarke Was Not At Her Own ‘Star Wars’ Screening, Chose To Watch Royal Wedding Instead

When you pretty much play royalty on Game of Thrones, it’s not surprising that you would then want to keep up appearances and watch the Royal Wedding, right?

Well, it turns out this was the case for Games of Thrones and Solo: A Star Wars Story actress, Emilia Clarke, who went on The Tonight Show and spoke with Jimmy Fallon on Monday. During their interview, the actress admitted that she skipped out on a screening of her new movie to get comfy on her couch so she could watch Prince Harry and Megan Markle finally say, “I do”.

The reason? The actress, 31, chalked it up to a mix-up in dates. Apparently, the screening of her Star Wars with family and friends fell on the same day as the Royal Wedding. So in classic royal fashion, you do what you want!

“I sort of thought no one would turn up, but then they did, so then they watched the movie and I watched the wedding,” she told Fallon.

The actress certainly has a busy schedule as she is in the middle of promoting her Star Wars movie. She recently gave a bit of insight into the character she plays, Qi’ra, saying, “What I can say is, she’s a bada** – obviously! She’s an enigma, she’s mysterious. You know she cares for Han, you know they have a relationship.”


And let’s not forget, she’s still in the middle of filming for Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

“I know everything. Well, kind of. Sort of I do,” she hinted to Fallon. “I know plenty. I know enough…I can’t say anything,” she finally said.

It’s not too much of a shock that the Me Before You actress wasn’t allowed to give away any tidbits on what’s to come on the popular HBO series. The executive producers have done a fairly good job of making sure “mum’s the word” when it comes to the final season of the show. “I think they are doing loads of stuff and they’re not even telling us because they don’t trust us and rightly so,” she added.

The “Mother of Dragons” recently opened up about how the show changed her life and catapulted her into stardom and made her strong role model.

“The scope of the change that happened to me because of the show was nothing that I was expecting and will leave its mark on me forever. It has given me confidence, it has given me bloody wide open doors that were never open before. I will be forever grateful.”

Before Clarke’s time with Jimmy Fallon was up, we learned something new about her besides the fact that she’s not the best at remembering dates. Apparently, she’s not the best at doing impressions either. Fallon asked the actress to impersonate the lovable Chewbacca and it was definitely one of those “it was so bad, it was good” situations.

You can catch Emilia Clarke in Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters May 25 while you await the final season of Game of Thrones, which will air on HBO in 2019.