Louis Spencer Is Prince Harry’s Hot Cousin Who Has Set The Internet’s Hearts Aflutter

Chris RadburnGetty Images

The royal wedding is paying serious internet dividends when it comes to getting glimpses of fashion, trends, and the hot (and single) relatives of Prince Harry. Notably, Harry’s first cousins, the Spencers, Eliza, Kitty, and Louis have drawn a lot of attention, and people on Twitter are now professing their love for tall, handsome, cousin Louis.

Louis Spencer, 24, is the son of Princess Diana’s brother Charles, Earl Spencer (and the brother of Eliza and Kitty) says People Magazine, and he will inherit the family title when his father passes.

But it’s obvious that Louis inherited a lot of his good looks from the Spencer family because side by side photos of Louis and Harry showed a striking resemblance, but he also had luck with the genes from his mother, Victoria’s side, considering that she is a former model.

But Louis is more than just a pretty face as the Spencer heir graduated from the University of Edinburgh, and he does like to make the scene at fashion shows and concerts. Back in 2015, Louis made an appearance on Nicki Minaj’s Instagram page posing with the royal. Minaj wrote a cheeky caption under the photo that said: “check out our wedding photo!” Now that would be a wedding to attend!


US Weekly says that for now, Louis is officially known as Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp. The first glimpse royal watchers got of cousin Louis was as he led his two sisters and his mother to St. George’s Chapel, arm in arm, for the wedding of Meghan Markle and his cousin Harry. Those really taken with the royal cousin did a deeper dive in hopes that the 24-year-old had an Instagram account. Sadly, Spencer’s Instagram account is set to private at this time, so no additional hunky photos of the Viscount Althorp and his buddies.


But AOL did potential stalkers of Louis Spencer a favor and posted a variety of Louis’ photos from all over the internet in one place, and added the gushing tweets of fans from around the globe.

“Someone needs to set me up with Harry’s cousin, Louis Spencer. I think I’m ready for marriage.”

Another joked that she needed to get a better crew of friends to get introduced to Louis.

“If Meghan Markle’s circle of friends can hook her up with Prince Harry, I’m going to need to find a circle of friends who can hook me up with Louis Spencer.”

Another wondered if Louis and Nicki Minaj ever had a thing going.

“So Lady Kitty Spencer’s brother Louis is a snack who has or had a thing for Nicki Minaj? Whew! These British aristocrats are really trying to spice up their lives.”