Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos Can’t Hold Hands Because Of His Long Arms

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are one of the longest-lasting — and cutest! — couples in Hollywood today, and they frequently share proof of their love on Instagram and other social media sites.

Today, Kelly Ripa posted a short video of herself on Instagram with the hashtag #KellysFashionFinder, which is a hashtag in which she shares some of her favorite fashion tips with her followers.

Here, she shared that she was wearing a Veronica Beard dress, Gianvito Rossi heels, and J.Crew necklace.

Her dapper husband, who is currently playing Hiram Lodge on the hit show Riverdale, donned a Ralph Lauren jacket, Seize sur Vingt shirt, and APC jeans.

There was just one problem with their video: Ripa had a problem holding her husband’s hand, because he has such long arms.

You can check out their sweet video below.

Recently, according to UPI, the couple celebrated 22 years of married bliss. And to think that it all started on a soap opera.

Fans of the 47-year-old Kelly Ripa and the 47-year-old Mark Consuelos know that the happy couple first met when they were both on the hit ABC soap opera, All My Children.

Ripa played the role of Hayley Vaughn, the troubled child of Adam Chandler, while Consuelos played Mateo, who would eventually go on to marry Hayley.

The two went on to marry in real life, and Consuelos would later say that he knew he would marry Ripa when they first sat down to do their chemistry test.

Recently, too, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos made the news because of the backlash that Ripa had received over some bikini photos that she’d shared on social media.

The couple told Watch What Happens Live that while they received an overwhelming amount of love on social media, they also received a lot of backlash, with a lot of fans saying that Ripa should dress more “modestly” for her age.

Consuelos said that the whole incident was “bizarre,” but went on to defend his wife for wearing a sexy bikini, asking rhetorically about what else she was supposed to be wearing at the beach.

Ripa agreed with her husband’s sentiments, and said that she wasn’t in a synagogue, but she was more than open to ideas about what to wear — and what not to wear — on the beach in the future.

Fans can check out Kelly Ripa every morning on the Live with Kelly and Ryan syndicated show.