Elizabeth Hurley Walks Her Dog In A Bikini: How Her Pooches Are Her Secret To Looking So Amazing At 52

Elizabeth Hurley loves rocking bikinis so much that she even wears one while walking her dogs. The 52-year-old Austin Powers actress recently took one of her beloved pets out for a stroll, and the adorable pooch unwittingly helped her promote her beachwear line. It’s fitting that one of Hurley’s furry friends made an appearance in one of her Instagram bikini ads because she’s previously said that her dogs help her maintain her incredible bikini body.

On Sunday, Elizabeth Hurley took to Instagram to share yet another bikini photo. She didn’t actually mention her swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, this time. However, by now, most of her followers know that all the skimpy swimsuits that she wears in her social media snapshots are available for purchase on the brand’s website.

In her latest swimsuit photo, Hurley is rocking a red halter-style bikini. The bottoms of the two-piece aren’t visible in the closeup photo, but one of her cute canines can be seen in the background. The dog who is happily following Elizabeth Hurley through the grass and trees with her tongue hanging out appears to be the actress’ pet cocker spaniel, Mia. According to tweets posted by The Royals star, the fluffy black pooch is royally “spoilt” and was very difficult to house train. However, Hurley described her recent walk with Mia as “joyful.”


“Dogs not the only one with his tongue hanging out!” read one cheeky response to Hurley’s photo.

“Love you girrrrl, and your doggy concurs,” wrote another admirer.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Elizabeth Hurley’s 16-year-old son is responsible for many of his mom’s swimsuit photos. However, there’s no word on whether he snapped the image of his mom walking Mia the dog in a bikini.


Interestingly, it appears that one of the bikinis on Hurley’s beachwear website is named after the “lucky dog” in her latest Instagram photo. However, the Mia bikini is not the one that she’s wearing in the image. It’s a bandeau-style bikini that comes in black, a possible nod to the color of Mia’s fur.

During an interview with E! News, Elizabeth Hurley revealed that her dogs play an integral role in keeping her looking so fabulous and fit. She said that the secret to her bikini body isn’t spending countless hours at the gym, which she actually avoids altogether. Instead, she gets her exercise by spending a lot of time outdoors with her energetic pups.

“I hike, I walk with my dogs all the time and I don’t really sit still,” she said. “I don’t really lie around on the sofa much. I like running around, so I don’t feel like I need to be skinny, but I feel the need to be athletic and fit.”

For the record, Hurley isn’t always wearing a bikini when she walks her dogs. Sometimes those chilly British winters just make it impossible, as evidenced by the video below.


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