Lakers Trade Rumors: Lonzo Ball For Kawhi Leonard Trade Will Never Happen, Says LaVar Ball

As the 2018 offseason draws near, rumors continue to heat up about the Los Angeles Lakers' to pursue superstars either in the free agency market or via trade. One of their potential targets is Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs, and according to Tania Ganguli of Los Angeles Times, the Lakers will consider moving Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram or Josh Hart "if an offer blows them away."

In the suggested trade scenarios linking Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers, Lonzo Ball is always included in the trade package. With Tony Parker already on the near end of his career, the Spurs need a new starting point guard to lead the team in the years to come. However, in an appearance on ESPN L.A. Radio, LaVar Ball said any trade rumors involving his son Lonzo will never happen (h/t Lakers Nation).

"Stop it. I'm gonna tell you why. You know what Lonzo is to me? Gelo is my pretty boy. [LaMelo] is my wow boy. But Zo is the people's choice. They won't let it happen. How's that? You can't get rid of Zo! He's the people's choice! Everybody on the outside can say what they want, but when you put it down on paper, the Ball boys are good for business."
LaVar Ball's reaction about the trade rumors swirling around Lonzo Ball isn't surprising. He always talks big about his children and defends them from their critics. There are occasions when Ball claimed that his son is better than Kawhi Leonard and other superstars, but as of know, Lonzo himself definitely knows he still has a long way to go to be compared to those players.

In his first season wearing the purple and gold, Lonzo Ball has been an inconsistent scorer, only averaging 10.2 points on 36 percent shooting from the field. His unique shooting stroke could also be an area of concern for the Lakers. However, despite his deficiencies, people see something special in Ball that explains why the Lakers should make him part of their long-term plan.

The 20-year-old point guard earned praises for his pass-first mentality and good performance on the defensive end of the floor. According to Jeff Goodman of ESPN, Ball's signature unselfishness and passing prowess will greatly help the Lakers in recruiting the likes of LeBron James and Paul George in the upcoming free agency.

As of now, there is no strong indication that the Lakers and the Spurs will engage in a trade deal involving Lonzo Ball and Kawhi Leonard. The Lakers are expected to keep their focus in the free agency market before taking the trade route. Meanwhile, the Spurs will first consider fixing their relationship with Leonard and convince him to sign a massive contract extension this summer.