Samsung Galaxy X, Motorola Razr: Foldable Phones Are About To Be In Style Again

It seems like the age of smart flip-phones is coming closer than we think. If patent filings are any indication, it appears like significant smartphone manufacturers are starting to embrace the classic form factor once more. That’s right. After being phased out with the arrival of the conventional smartphone, flip phones seem like they are just about ready to take over.

Several major manufacturers have already filed patents for their respective foldable handsets. At the lead of this list is Samsung with its ever-cryptic and long-rumored Galaxy X, a foldable device that has been in the rumor mill for years. As noted in a TechRadar report, the Galaxy X is speculated to be revealed early 2019 for a limited run. This is reportedly done in order for Samsung to gauge the market’s reaction to the new form factor.

This does not mean that the Galaxy X is still in its early stages, however. Prototypes of the device have reportedly been showcased to investors earlier this year, and the reception has been satisfactory. Nevertheless, it would be quite astounding to see Samsung finally release the Galaxy X, seeing as the device has been seven years in the making.

On the heels of Samsung are its rivals in the smartphone field, however. Apart from Samsung, Motorola has also filed for patents of a foldable device. The machine, which is rumored to carry on the smartphone-maker’s iconic Razr brand, is speculated to be unveiled soon. As noted in a T3 report, the foldable nature of the smartphone has been teased by Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, who teased “more and more innovation” in the company’s smartphone design.

Not to be beaten by its South Korean rival, LG is also reportedly working on a foldable phone concept. True to form, LG’s design looks very refined, complete with a transparent section that could be used to display information.

Apple is also reportedly working on a foldable phone concept. According to rumors, the Cupertino-based tech giant is also looking to create a device with a “flexible” display. So far, however, images of the design that Apple is looking at have not emerged, though there is a good chance that the company would unveil a hybrid smartphone-tablet device like its rivals.

Last but not least, Huawei is also carrying a lot of potential in the foldable phone market. Last October, Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed that the company is already working on a flexible phone prototype, featuring a hinge that appears to be inspired by the Surface Book 2.

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