Kate Middleton Gives Camilla A Wicked Side Eye At The Royal Wedding

Jonathan BradyGetty Images

At the beautiful Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, shared some intense moments with her stepmother-in-law, Camilla.

Although she’s not typically one to be so sassy, Kate Middleton silently reprimanded Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla, with some serious side eye after a brief but heated conversation during the somewhat controversial sermon of American Bishop Michael Curry. According to a People report, behind her large, pink hat, Camilla snickered at some of the Bishop’s remarks. Judging by her stern reaction, new mom Kate did not agree with her stepmother-in-law’s behavior.

The side eye isn’t typical of Kate’s behavior. However, she’s recently given birth (about a month ago) and Camilla laughing during such a highly scrutinized affair may have just pushed Kate entirely over the edge.

According to a Hollywood Life report, the not-quite-perfect (but oh so enjoyable) moment played on the live broadcast of the wedding. Not too surprisingly, plenty of people on Twitter loved seeing Kate’s serious side eye. In fact, many people felt the moment was one of the highlights of the entire day. Some people even crowned Kate, who is very likely the future Queen of England, the “Queen” of side eye.

She remained in the pew seated with the rest of the Royal Family while Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte attended to their wedding duties as best man, page boy, and flower girl. She did, however, attend to the page boy and flower girl to ensure that they remained well behaved throughout the event, which allowed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to enjoy their big day.

For the event, Kate recycled a beautiful a pale yellow dress by Alexander McQueen. Perched atop her head she wore a Philip Treacy hat, and on her feet, she donned Jimmy Choo shoes.

Today’s Royal Wedding marked the third time Kate wore the dress from the same designer who designed her iconic 2011 wedding dress. The other times she wore her outfit included at Princess Charlotte’s christening and The Queen’s birthday. Despite the fact that Kate gave birth about one month ago, plenty of people criticised her for failing to purchase a new getup for the event. However, a new dress or not, she looked beautiful and understated.