Chelsy Davy And Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriends, Both Came To The Royal Wedding To Support Him

Prince Harry appears to have been a gentlemen to all the women he dated before his wedding.

Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas, two of Prince Harry’s most prominent exes, attended the royal wedding at St. George’s Chapel to extend their support to the man, reports USA Today. That would surely make Meghan very proud.

Davy and Bonas were two notable faces in a star-studded wedding and were among the first batch of royal attendees to arrive for the wedding, where they were soon joined by Pippa Middleton and Oprah. Davy sported a navy Alaia dress and matching fascinator, while Bonas donned a colorful gown designed by Eponine London.

Between the two women, it is Davy who spent more time with Prince Harry, having dated him on and off for nearly seven years. They first met in Zimbabwe in 2004 during Prince Harry’s gap year and immediately hooked up. However, the invasive media attention got to Davy, who could not keep her life private despite her best efforts. They broke up in 2011, with Davy blaming the media for not being able to continue the relationship. Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy remained good friends, as was once again proved when she arrived for the wedding.

“I found it tough…. It’s not something you get used to. That part was quite hectic, it’s not like that any more,” she had said after the breakup seven years ago.

Cressida Bonas dated Prince Harry for two years after his breakup with Davy. Herself a descendant of King Charles II, she was extremely careful when asked about whether she would wish the new couple well for their upcoming wedding during a recent interview with the Sunday Times. Bonas said that her words could be misconstrued and as a result refrained from adding much at the time.

“I have to be really careful what I say because… people love putting people into boxes and into stereotypes, especially in this country,” she had told the newspaper.

But contrary to her careful words, her simple act of turning up for the wedding — appearing jovial and carefree — would put all naysayers who doubted her friendship with Prince Harry to rest. It was quite evident that she was enjoying the festivities and had good hopes for the future of both her ex, Prince Harry, and now the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

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