‘Catwoman’ Jocelyn Wildenstein Declares Bankruptcy After Receiving $2 Billion In Her Divorce

Henry LammAP Images

Jocelyn Wildenstein often called “Catwoman” in the press (due to her excessive facial plastic surgery) has had a rough year after she was arrested for domestic violence in two alleged attacks on her now-fiance Lloyd Klein, and now she has is seeking bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. This is shocking to many as in her divorce from former husband Alec Wildenstein she received more than $2 billion in 1999.

PageSix is reporting that Wildenstein has a zero balance in her Citibank account and that she is relying on her $900 a month Social Security check to get by. Wildenstein says that she has had to depend on friends and family for help while continuing to live in Trump World Tower.

“I am not employed and my only income is Social Security. I often turn to friends and family in order to pay my ongoing expenses.”

Wildenstein’s issue is a lack of liquid assets, but she still owes money for back New York property taxes and over $4 million for one of her homes in addition to several other creditors she says she can’t pay. Documents indicated that Wildenstein’s three adjoining apartments in the Trump building are valued at $11.75 million, but she doesn’t want to sell.


Lawyers for Wildenstein say that she owes an auto financing company $38k for a 2006 Bently that is now worth only $35k, and also owes a storage company $700k for belongings that are only worth a fraction of that amount. Jocelyn Wildenstein says that she is only filing for bankruptcy to “reorganize my financial affairs.”

Jocelyn Wildenstein also owes money to several law firms, and there are said to be additional debt-related lawsuits expected.


Last year Wildenstein, 77, announced her engagement to designer Lloyd Klein, 50 after the two say they worked out their differences after they were both arrested for domestic violence. Friends of Klein have expressed concern about the relationship, saying that Klein has been supporting Wildenstein for years and they are scared for him.

“The reality is that Lloyd has been carrying this woman for some time now. She faces financial ruin and wants to destroy everything in her wake — including Lloyd.”

They are also concerned about Klein’s health as he is still recovering from cancer treatment.