Size battle! Nintendo DSi LL vs. PSP-3000

Japanese site Game Watch took a closer look at how the Nintendo DSi LL sizes up against the competition, namely the PSP-3000. As it happens, the newest member of the Nintendo handheld family holds its own.

Whereas once PSP owners could brag about bigger screens, there’s now little difference between the two – the PSP-3000’s single screen is 4.3 inches diagonal, against the DSi LL’s 4.2 inch screens. The PSP does still have a much higher resolution (480 x 272 against the DSi LL’s 256 x 192), yet I’d personally argue the Nintendo console has the better library of games, but let’s not go there, eh?

If you fancy one of the new LLs, and can’t wait for its western launch next year (where it will be known as the XL), then expect to pay a fair whack: Play-Asia currently has these for $270.

Incidentally, the new console hit Japan over the weekend, and Famitsu was present to snap happy new owners:

New Nintendo DSi LL launches in Japan is big


[Via Game Watch]