‘DOOL’ May 16 Episode Recap: Kate Fired, Abby To Plead Guilty, Marlena Plans Wedding, And Tripp Romances Ciara

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Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives had an even mixture of love and hate. The episode for Wednesday, May 16, began at the loft. Claire was packed and headed off to Africa to see Theo in hopes of repairing their relationship. Theo hated the fact that Claire tried to get him to hack the servers at Titan and help her rig the New Face of Bella competition. Claire hoped that spending some time together will help mend what she had broken. Although she was going to be away from Salem, it was made clear that she would be returning.

Tripp apologized to Claire for how poorly he treated her and offered an ear if she ever needed to talk. Ciara also attempted to play nice with Claire, asking if it was possible for them to work on their friendship when she gets back.

Tripp and Ciara were making headway in their new relationship. With Claire out of the loft, Tripp and Ciara were able to spend some quality time together. He wanted to show Ciara just how much she meant to him.

In the town square, John was showing Marlena some much-desired affection. He asked her to marry him on DOOL yesterday and was patiently awaiting her answer. Marlena joked with him, saying that she had started to enjoy the single life. In the end, she stated that being with John, or planning a wedding with him, was never a hassle and she would “marry him every day of her life and never tire of it.”

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When Hope heard of John and Marlena’s plans for a large summer wedding, she was rightfully upset. Her own marriage has fallen apart and although she was in love with Rafe, she asked for an annulment. Up until today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Rafe had refused to sign the papers. Under the advisement of Justin, Rafe had decided to sign the papers and continue to fight for what he and Hope once had. It seems that Hope was about to stop Rafe from signing when Kate walked into the Salem police station and interrupted their conversation.

Kate and Stefan had a heated argument at the DiMera mansion. Although Kate insisted Vivian’s death was an act of self-defense, Stefan vowed to make her pay for killing his mother.

“You weren’t scared that the victim’s son might slip into your room and suffocate you in your sleep?”

Kate responded with the same venom in her voice, claiming that Stefan should step down from the company before he was mired in scandal. Stefan didn’t take kindly to the threats. He fired her from DiMera Enterprises and told her to pack her bags. She was to move out of the mansion before he threw her out.

Stefan added that if the findings of Vivian’s death report state anything other than self-defense, he will personally kill Kate. Unfortunately for Kate, there was some sort of issue with the ballistics found at the crime scene and Hope asked her to give another statement.

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Gabi was given some good news today on Days. She learned of Abby’s confession and was filled in on the hows and whys of Andre’s death. She was still confused by the actions of her so-called best friend.

In the meantime, Justin met with Abby and Chad. He suggested that Abby plead reason of insanity when she goes in front of the judge for Andre’s murder. He believed that it will be a better tactic than claiming self-defense. Abby didn’t like the idea for two main reasons. The first reason was that “reason of insanity” wasn’t accurate since her psyche didn’t split until after she killed Andre. At the time of his murder, she was completely lucid. Secondly, she did not want to end up in the asylum again.

Abby insisted that she will plead guilty to her crimes so that Thomas has an honest role-model to look up to. Chad asked her to change her mind but she refused. In the heat of discussion, Chad let it slip that Stefan hurt Abby while another personality was in control. He covered it fairly well, however, Abby wasn’t ignorant and would eventually piece the truth together. Chad also told her that Gabi was attacked in prison.

While Chad went to pick up some of Abby’s belongings from the mansion, he had a run in with his brother, Stefan. Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives ended with Abby sneaking off to see Gabi in the prison infirmary.