Selena Gomez And Justin Theroux Are Not ‘Falling For Each Other’ [Debunked]

The heart wants what it wants, but for Selena Gomez, that’s not Justin Theroux.

The “Bad Liar” singer and Jennifer Aniston’s ex have been at the center of new romance rumors thanks to a Life & Style article that claims the pair are more than just friends but don’t brainstorm their celebrity couple name just yet. According to Gossip Cop, that report is entirely false.

The latest issue of the magazine sports a cover photo of Gomez and Theroux happily posing for the camera with Gomez wrapping her arms around the actor’s shoulder. The headline? “Selena & Justin: It’s On.” But if you do a bit of digging, as Gossip Cop did, you’ll notice that the shot is photoshopped. The picture of Gomez is from a lupus charity gala she attended in New York City back in November. The singer has spoken at length about her battle with the disease and recently received a kidney transplant from friend and actress Francia Raisa that ended up saving her life.

The photo of Theroux is from a completely different event, on the red carpet of the September 2017 premiere of The Lego Ninjago Movie, which the actor lent his voice to. Gomez didn’t attend the screening, Theroux never stopped by the charity gala, and the pair never posed for photos together, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloid from claiming a romance is blooming.

In the article, Life & Style alleges that the two “started out as friends” with both the singer and actor “leaning on each other” during their very public break-ups. Theroux split up with long-time girlfriend and partner, Aniston, split in February of this year while Gomez called it quits with on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber in March. Both couples made headlines after rumors of cheating plagued Theroux’s break-up with Aniston and another Gomez ex, The Weeknd, released a surprise album with songs that seemed to hint that Bieber played a role in the end of their relationship.

A supposed insider leaked details of the non-existent relationship between Theroux and Gomez, saying that while the couple hasn’t “taken things to the next level” yet, there’s been talk of kids and they seem to be on their way to something more serious. Which would be fine, if it were true. Unfortunately, Life & Style has been churning out unsubstantiated claims about both stars for a while now.

Earlier this year, the magazine alleged that Bieber and Gomez were getting hitched because Gomez was pregnant. The magazine also writes that Theroux had a brief fling with actress Aubrey Plaza, who’s been in a committed relationship with her long-time boyfriend for years. Add to that rumors from other outlets about a possible romance between Theroux and actress Emma Stone, and reports from Gomez’s camp that the singer is taking time to focus on herself after surgery and this just sounds like more fake news.

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