Amy Roloff Spends Mother's Day With Two Of Her Four Children, Shares Two Heartfelt Posts

Kathryn Cook

According to Amy Roloff, her Mother's Day had her feeling very blessed.

On her Instagram page, Roloff shared two heartfelt posts with fans, celebrating the day of moms. In the first post, Roloff shared a photo of herself with her mom, telling fans that the older she gets, the more amazing that she realizes her mom truly is. The Little People, Big World star also confesses that she can't wait to take a trip to Michigan this summer to visit her mother.

Many of the star's 500,000-plus followers commented on the rare photo of Amy's mother, giving the post over 230 comments, as well as 29,000 likes. Most of Roloff's fans simply wished her a Happy Mother's Day, but a handful of other fans were quick to chime in with a little advice for Amy.

"Don't let the miles keep you from seeing you mom as often as possible."

The next photo was posted the following day and shows Amy with her son, Zach, his wife, Tori, and son Jackson, and her other son, Jacob, and his fiance, Izzy. In the picture, the family sits at a large table in a restaurant with huge smiles on all their faces. Noticeably absent from the picture are Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, and Molly Roloff and her husband, Joel, who live in Spokane.

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The mother-of-four also let this be a teaching moment for fans, telling them that it is not necessary to wait for a specific day to celebrate with loved ones, and it's important to make time for them.

"I don't need to wait for a 'special day' or perfect day to spend time with them, or a friend, or others I love or give a reach out to another. If I wait and wait too long for a specific moment I may miss something wonderful," she wrote.

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Another figure who was noticeably absent from Amy's Mother's Day photo was her boyfriend, Chris Marek. But, Roloff posted a photo of the pair together earlier in the week in an effort to plug the latest episode of LPBW.

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