Meghan Markle’s Sister Called A ‘Media Vulture’ By Piers Morgan

With the countdown to the royal wedding looming, and all the “will he, won’t he” for Meghan Markle’s father in terms of walking his youngest daughter down the aisle, his other daughter, Samantha Markle, might have thought better of going on television with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. But the half-sister of Meghan Markle appeared for a Skype interview with the British host and got more than she expected.

Samantha Markle, whose legal name is Samantha Grant, said she was on to defend her father against “media vultures” after she set up the faux photo opportunity for him before the royal wedding for pay, says Page Six. But Morgan wasn’t having it, and pushed back, saying that he didn’t think the media was the problem. He told Markle she was the vulture; after all, it was she that was picking the bones of her younger sister for her own benefit.

The host then broke out a question that surprised his guest but asked what many observers had been thinking.

“How much money have you made from trashing Meghan Markle?”

Samantha Markle stood her ground to say that she was only being protective of her father who had been picked on by the media. She took full responsibility for setting up her father Thomas’ fake photo shoot.

Samantha said she set up the photo shoot out of kindness “for the benefit of the royal family.”

But Morgan was not accepting this because he believes that Markle is still stinging from her sister’s rejection.

“There’s no bigger media vulture than you, is there, Ms. Markle?”

His guest explained that her family, particularly her father Thomas, has been “suffering” at the hands of the media. But Piers wasn’t accepting this and reminded Markle that she was the one who was writing a memoir about her estranged younger sibling as soon as she learned that Meghan Markle was dating Prince Harry.

“You say this is all the media’s fault because the media has been treating him in a shabby way, many of our viewers may have watched your activities and think you have treated your sister Meghan in a very shabby way.”

He continued, reminding Markle that she had publicly called her sister names in the press, courting the attention.

“You’ve spent the last two years criticizing her, you called her a narcissist, selfish, that Hollywood changed her and that Prince Harry shouldn’t marry her, yet you have the gall to blame media vultures.”

Samantha Markle alleged that Morgan’s statements were untrue and pulled from “tabloids” (many were on Markle’s Twitter page before she changed her settings to private after backlash from other Twitter users).

But Morgan did not back down and said it was the Markle family who was disappointing Meghan.

“It seems to me her father, your father, has let her down. Doing a deal with the paparazzi knowing that they’d [Prince Harry and Meghan] be horrified.”

Samantha Markle has not finished what is being perceived as an assault on the bride as she is scheduled to be a special correspondent doing play by play during the royal wedding for a British television station. Markle is expected to provide family dirt during the big event where her half-sister will exchange vows with the fifth in line to the British throne on Saturday.

In the past, Samantha Markle has said that the royal family doesn’t know the real Meghan.

“The royal family would be appalled by what she’s done to her own family.”

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