May 15, 2018
NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers Wants To Finish Career With The Packers

Aaron Rodgers has seen his name fly around in rumors this spring. First, it was that the Green Bay Packers' franchise quarterback was not happy with the moves that the team made this offseason. Then there were all the rumors about the possibility that Rodgers could end up leaving the Packers.

Finally, the latest rumors have all been about when Rodgers and the Packers will get a contract extension done. It appears that things are moving forward progressively and that an extension will be in place before training camp.

Rodgers has put all the rumors about him wanting out of Green Bay to rest. In a recent interview that was shared by Packers Wire, Rodgers stated that he would like to finish his career with the Packers.

"Sustained greatness is what drives me. To be the best and to be able to choose when I'm done playing. As you've seen here recently with Jordy (Nelson), but even go back a few years, whether it's Julius Peppers or A.J. Hawk or John Kuhn or Brett Favre. The fairytale ending of starting your career and ending it with the same organization rarely happens. So that's kind of my goal, to be indispensable to this organization into my 40s, to where you got to keep me around."
Green Bay fans are certainly going to be relieved when they hear that. Rumors can get the best of fans at times, but hearing that kind of reassuring statement from the player himself can put all the "fake news" from the media to rest.

At this point in time, Rodgers is a 34-year-old quarterback in the prime of his career. He hasn't shown any signs of slowing down and playing into his 40s certainly seems like a good possibility. It doesn't seem likely that the Packers will have any interest in moving on from Rodgers anytime soon.

Rodgers went on to talk about seeing other great superstars stay where they started they career.
"It's being a sports fan, and watching some of my favorite all-time players either not finish in the place they started or the place you fell in love watching them play, or they did. And seeing how different the memory is of those players as a fan. Seeing some of my favorite players growing up finishing up now – the Derek Jeters, the Kobe Bryants, the Tim Duncans – doing it their entire career at one place, I think that's pretty special."
There is no question that Rodgers' name will be among the greats in any sport when he calls it a career. If he is able to stay with the Packers throughout his entire career, he will join one of the few sports legends that were loyal to their city from start to finish. That is a trend that simply isn't being followed very often anymore.

Expect to see Rodgers and the Packers get a long-term extension done at some point in the near future. Both sides want to get the deal done and fans should not expect Rodgers to play anywhere other than Green Bay, Wisconsin.