Robinson Cano Suspended For 80 Games Without Pay Following Positive Drug Test

Seattle Mariners infielder Robinson Cano was levied an 80-game suspension on Tuesday afternoon for violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy. The news of Cano’s suspension has caught everyone by surprise.

According to the New York Post, Robinson Cano was banned from baseball after testing positive for Furosemide. The diuretic is not necessarily considered a performance-enhancing drug, but a masking agent. Therefore it is on MLB’s list of banned substances. It is speculated that Robinson Cano used Furosemide to clean something out of his system.

Robinson Cano is in the middle of a 10-year, $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners. The 80 games that Cano will be suspended for will go unpaid. Cano will start his ban immediately.

Robinson Cano maintains his innocence. He is suggesting that Furosemide is sold to treat various medical ailments under the name Lasix. It is a drug that is used in the United States and in Cano’s native country, Dominican Republic.

“This substance was given to me by a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic to treat a medical ailment. While I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication that was banned, I obviously now wish that I had been more careful.”

According to, Furosemide is a water pill used to prevent a person from absorbing a lot of salt. It is possible that Robinson Cano was using Furosemide as a masking agent for a true performance enhancer. Any illegal substances taken by the Seattle Mariners star would have exited his body through his urine.

It is also possible that Robinson Cano was dealing with a potentially serious health ailment. As it turns out, Furosemide treats some of the most common health problems.

Furosemide, also known as Diaqua-2 and Lo-Aqua, allows salt to flow through urine. It is commonly used by people who suffer from congestive heart failure, kidney disorders, and hypertension.

Robinson Cano could have been dealing with either of those health-related problems. Each of them comes with symptoms and setbacks that would shelve most people. Nevertheless, in this climate where performance enhancers are frowned upon in baseball, Robinson Cano will not get the benefit of the doubt from his peers.

There is some shock going through the MLB community. Robinson Cano was a sure-fire hall of famer. News of his 80-game suspension could hurt his case.

At 35 years old, Robinson Cano only has a few seasons left in his career. It is unknown how he will be affected as a player after getting hit with the 80-game ban.

Robinson Cano’s decision to begin his suspension immediately is a telling one. Cano’s unwillingness to appeal his MLB suspension could be viewed as an admission of guilt. However, it could also signal that Robinson Cano was dealing with a serious health ailment, one that would require time off.

Furosemide, the drug Robinson Cano was levied the 80-game suspension for, has several medical uses. It is a drug that many people take for treatment.

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